Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dream 438

'Nightmare in a Car'
Dream date: 14 May 2015
I was in a woodland environment and it was either dawn or dusk. I was seated in a little den area with 'Neil the Baby' from Gavin & Stacey. In a den a few yards away was 'Nessa Jenkins' (Ruth Jones) and my nan (note that 'Nessa' i.e. 'Vanessa' is the name of my aunt, who is my nan's youngest daughter). I was looking after Neil, who was suspended on the low branches of a tree. I was aware that I was actually a male - I think I may have been 'Smithy' (James Corden) - the father of Neil. I knew Nessa was planning to get married to 'Dave 'Coaches' Gooch' (Steffan Rhodri) and I wanted to stop the wedding, so that I could be with Nessa myself (this is part of the plot of series 3 of Gavin & Stacey). I knew that she would not leave Dave Coaches, so I got up from my den and walked away into the woods, crying, while carrying Neil in my arms.

The scene then changed and I was now myself (i.e. female). I was in a car with Nessa and Neil (sitting in the back with me); Dave Coaches (driving); and 'Gavin Shipman' (Mathew Horne) in the front passenger seat. It was night and completely dark and we were driving to Sheringham. I then became aware that between Nessa and I (in the back seat) there was a male dream character. He was a middle-aged white male with dark hair and a beard. I felt that this dream character was hostile and something happened which confirmed this, so we threw him out of the car. However, we stopped driving which gave the male dream character an opportunity to try and get back into the car - via the window. I was trying to use the electric window button to close the window, but he already had his face and arm through and so it would not close from the force he was exerting from it. Everyone else in the car was as scared as I was, but neither Gavin nor Dave were helping me to keep the male dream character out. He was trying to grab me and attack me through the window and telling me that he was going to rape me. I said: 'I'm going to get hair extensions!' (I was aware at this point that my hair was shoulder-length). This was somehow meant as a defensive statement said in the middle of a terrifying moment. I looked at the space on the seat between Nessa and I and saw there were a variety of items which could be used as a weapon - a small dagger, some scissors and some long needles. I tried to stab the male dream character's arm with these items, but it did not deter him from trying to get into the car. I felt very desperate, so I bit him hard on the arm - so hard that it actually hurt my teeth and I was worried that they were coming loose (they were not when I checked). He withdrew from the window and I was able to close it. I noticed that the electric window buttons were large and orange. I was then aware that we were actually in Sheringham - in an area called 'Pretty Corner' which is a short distance from my nan's house. 

I saw a police helicopter land just in front of our car and felt relieved that they were coming to arrest the male dream character. The helicopter - while on the ground - moved towards the male dream character to block his escape. One of the police officers came round to my side of the car and I opened the window to talk to him. I said: 'He threatened to kidnap, rape and assault me!' However, the police officer didn't take me seriously and told us that we would have to take the male dream character back into the car with us. This was not only frustrating, but also really scary. The male dream character was put back into the car. The male dream character was laughing at us and making threats towards me - telling me he was going to rape me as soon as we got to our destination. The police officers ignored this, leaving me feeling helpless. 

As soon as the police left, we (or I) removed him from the car once more and sped away. I think I threw him through the open window of the car. I looked at my legs, which were very sore and noticed that they were covered - from ankle to thigh - in hundreds of criss-crossing cuts and wounds which had been inflicted by the male dream character. While we were driving (down Cromer Road, Sheringham), I decided to ring my mum and nan and tell them what had happened and ask them to shelter us from the male dream character, but when I spoke to them on my mobile phone they said they were not at home and could not let us in. We decided to drive back to our original location (the place with the forest) to confuse the male dream character as we assumed he would not think to follow us there. The wounds on my legs were really painful and I was very upset and scared. 

We drove along and came to a narrow road lined with trees, which was blocked by a police car. A male police officer made us stop and came to speak to us. I told him about the male dream character and the threats he had made - and the fact that the first police officer had made us take the male back into the car. This police officer was more sympathetic and said that his colleague had made a mistake in doing so. He informed us that he would go back to the location at which we had thrown the male out of the car for the second time and arrest him there. 

I cannot recall what happened in the next part of this dream.

I found myself in my nan's back garden in Sheringham. It was daytime - and the next day. My nan was doing some gardening. In one of the rockeries, there was a blueberry tart laying in the mud. It was bright blue and very shiny. I was looking down at the wounds on my legs and telling my nan that I would be speaking to 'the Chief Crown Prosecutor and police' (with whom I work in real-life on a hate crime panel) and asking them to oversee the prosecution of the male dream character. 

I cannot recall if anything else happened before I woke up.

TIME: 23:00 - 04:00 hours (This dream took place at the end of my sleep cycle as I woke up from it)
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

  • I was with the cast members of Gavin & Stacey (C - Context)
  • I was male - and perhaps 'Smithy' from Gavin & Stacey (IA- Inner Awareness/F - Form/C - Context)
  • My hair was much shorter than usual (F - Form)
  • I was able to throw a fully-grown adult male through the window of a car without smashing the window or him getting stuck, even though when he was trying to re-enter the car via the window, it was clear that only his head and arm could fit through (A - Action/C - Context)
  • There was a blueberry tart laying in the mud (F - Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • My nan as a dream character
  • The location (by the Healthy Centre) on Cromer Road, Sheringham as a dream scene location
  • My nan's house in Sheringham as a dream scene location

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • Before I went to sleep and had this dream I was watching series 3 of Gavin & Stacey, so watched the episodes in contained a very similar narrative to that of my dream.
  • The day of this dream my housemate and I were talking about babies.
  • The day of this dream I had said that my hair (which is past my waist in length) annoys me because it is so thick and wiry, that if I had enough money I would cut it off and have long hair extensions of a better (more silky, straight) texture.
  • The day before this dream I had discussed helicopters with DL.
  • The day of this dream I had seen articles and images of the police on the internet.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream really scared me while it was taking place - I could feel the pain which was inflicted on me as a physical sensation. Although I was no longer scared when I woke up, I found it impossible to go back to sleep, so I ended up staying awake. Also, upon waking I found that I had a pounding headache and felt very hot and fidgety.

* If I recall the forgotten aspects of this dream I will record them below.

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