Monday, 25 May 2015

Dream 445

'RBA Visits my Lucid Dream' - Lucid Dream
Dream date: 24 May 2015 (Afternoon Nap)
I woke up. This was a false awakening, but at first I was not aware and thought I was really awake. My room appeared to be normal - as it should be in real-life. I was then aware that there was a scratching noise under my bed. I looked towards the bottom of the wall opposite my bed (the part of the wall visible from under my desk) and saw the shadow of a mouse/rat on the wall - about double the size of an actual rat. It was also dark in my room, although I did not notice that this should have been a dreamsign to indicate I was still asleep - I had set an alarm clock in real-life to wake me up at 19:00 hours, which would still be daylight as it is summer. My alarm had not yet awoken me, so in real-life, it was before 19:00 hours and therefore should have been perfectly light in my room. I was annoyed as I thought that my room might be infested with vermin and I would have to call out the university maintenance team to deal with this, which would be a disruption. I saw myself (in my mind's eye) having to move the furniture in my room around. I then fell back into a normal sleep again, and woke up - this time I think I was really awake, as I looked towards my laptop and saw that the same TV show I had been watching online (and paused halfway through) before I took a nap was still showing on the screen. It was also daylight, as I expected it to be. 

I must have fallen asleep and then woken up again - this time in another false awakening. I could tell it was probably a false awakening as I had visual hallucinations, indicating that I was in the hypnagogic state. I could see white cartoon stars being fired from a white cartoon gun (a revolver) in front of my face - as if this was happening in my room. It was also dark again - which alerted me to the fact I was dreaming. I was not suffering from sleep paralysis and could move quite easily at this point. I performed a reality check (trying to push fingers of one hand through the palm of the other) - however, the palm of my left hand was actually located on my left shoulder - indicating that I was dreaming! My fingers went straight through the flesh of my shoulder. I was now fully lucid and decided to get out of bed and leave my room - to explore the lucid dream. However, although I could move all parts of my body, I could not get out of bed. The duvet was tangled around me, restricting me and my legs would not move in the direction I wanted them to, so I found myself balanced precariously on the edge of the bed, wobbling and teetering, not able to put my feet on the floor.

I was then aware that there was someone outside the door to my bedroom, waiting to come in. I decided to bring a friend (who I have not seen in person for ages in real-life) into my dream so I could chat to him 'in person' (i.e. in dream character form). I started to call out his name ('RBA') and was really pleased to see him enter my room - indicating I had good dream control! RBA came over to where I was sitting at the top end of my bed, standing next to me. At first, when I looked, he disappeared, but when I said his name again, I could see him clearly, as if he were a 3-dimensional person. He appeared as he does in real-life and was wearing a white T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. I said to him: 'Say something in your accent' (he has a Scottish accent) and he replied: 'You want me to talk dirty to you?' He then got his penis out - it was massive (I have no idea what size his actual penis is in real-life). He had a condom in his hand and said: 'The production line doesn't make them big enough'. I thought he was about to try and have sex with me, but instead, he took me by the hand (I assume he pulled his trousers back up, as he was now fully dressed again) and led me out of my room. I found that we were in a hallway - now brightly lit, and clearly in a residential building - it looked like the upstairs of a house, with a blue carpet, white walls and a staircase going down to our left. To the right were several doors leading to bedrooms. 

I noticed that this lucid dream was incredibly clear, vivid and stable. There was no sign that I was close to waking and I felt in complete  control of the lucid dream, which is odd because often at this point I start to lose lucidity or wake prematurely. I felt anchored in the dream and thought that it would continue uninterrupted, although just to be sure, I decided to perform a lucid dream stabilisation technique (rubbing my hands together). RBA led me into the closest bedroom. Just as we entered, a female dream character came to the doorway - this was her room. However, she just stood there looking at us and then said: 'I'm going to go now'. I realised at this point that the room was the same bedroom as in a previous dream from March 2015 - Dream 391 - 'Treelands'). In this previous dream, this bedroom had belonged to Melanie Sykes' (dream) daughter. The bedroom looked exactly the same as I remembered it from the 'Treelands' dream, except I noticed that there was a window opposite the doorway and in front of the window was a wide ledge (like an extra-wide windowsill or window-seat) and a sofa. RBA was leaning on the windowsill/seat. I came next to him and knelt on the sofa to see what he was doing. He was rolling two cannabis joints - one with a red paper and one with a blue. He said: 'One for the lady, one for the man' (meaning me and him). He was also holding some items of makeup, which included a blue eyeliner pencil and a white eyeliner pencil. He was using the white eyeliner pencil to draw small marks on the joints. I looked out of the window and saw it was night-time and completely dark. I could see the moon, but nothing of the outside environment as everything was black, The window was square, but leaded - made up of lots of smaller sections, like many old-fashioned windows are.

RBA then walked across the room and summonsed for me to join him. We walked back out into the hallway and RBA said we should smoke the joints here. I said: 'No, we can't smoke inside, we should walk to the lake' (I meant the lake at my university, although I previously assumed 'Treelands' was based in Sheringham, not Norwich). I then realised how stupid this comment was, because theoretically, this was my dream and I could control it in a way which meant we were allowed to smoke inside the house. However, I thought that walking to the lake might make the lucid dream more interesting and a change of scenery would be positive as so far this was quite a realistic and uneventful lucid dream considering I has full awareness, stability and control. RBA refused to walk to the lake in the dark and said he wanted to smoke indoors, but I was still trying to persuade him to go outside with me.

My alarm clock woke me up.

TIME: 17:30 - 19:00 hours (I woke up from this dream)
LUCIDITY: YES - full lucidity - lasting for 10 - 15 minutes

  • There is no way the shadow of a mouse/rat or anything else could superimpose itself on my wall in the way it did - there was no light source to create such a shadow (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action/F - Form/C - Context)
  • It was dark in my room at various points in my false awakenings, which should have indicated that I was dreaming because from the point at which I took my nap to the time at which my alarm clock was set to wake me up properly, it would still be broad daylight (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form)
  • Visual hallucinations in the hypnagogic state (IA - Inner Awareness/A - Action/F - Form/C - Context)
  • My left palm of my hand was located on my left shoulder when performing a reality check (A - Action/F - Form)
  • I could not move my body the way I wanted to (A - Action)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • The 'Treelands' Building
  • Cannabis

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • I accidentally kicked a hole in my wall (while waking up!) just above where I saw the shadow of the mouse/rat. The reason my bed and desk were moved around - i.e. the locations swapped - was because I did not want to make the hole worse by sleeping next to it. I moved the furniture in preparation for the maintenance worker(s) to be able to access it easily when they come to repair it, as it is easier to move the desk away from the wall than having to move my bed. 
  • I spoke to RBA a few days before this dream which probably influenced my decision to bring him into this lucid dream. I also wanted to see if he looked as I know him to appear in real-life (i.e. test how accurate my 'dream character' version of him was!)
  • The day before this dream I had used a white eyeliner pencil on my lower waterline to brighten and accentuate my eyes.

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
I really loved this dream because I had full lucidity, good dream control and the dream was perfectly stabilised with no effort from myself. In fact, it felt like the perfect lucid dream scenario. However, I feel I wasted it by not trying to control it more or make it a more interesting experience - nothing exciting took place in the dream narrative after I successfully brought RBA into my dream and we left my bedroom, although finding ourselves in the 'Treelands' building was amazing and I wish we would have taken time to explore this, rather than having a pointless debate about smoking inside or walking to the lake. Next time I find myself in a fuly-lucid, controllable dream I won't act in such a boring, real-life way and will attempt to make the dream more fantastical or imaginative!

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