Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Dream 661

'Penis Doctor'
Date: 10 July 2016
Time: 03:00 - 09:30 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm clock)
Type of dream: Vivid dream - extremely long
Dream recall: Weak recall

This dream was very long and complex, however I can remember very little of it. I recall thinking - while half awake, half asleep (I believe I woke up some time before my alarm - unsure what time this would be - because I was conscious, but not fully) I thought to myself: 'That dream was really long and weird'. However, because I fell back asleep for a further period, I have forgotten this dream and can only recall fragments.

Scene 1: Exterior (Location Unknown) - Day
There was a famous male celebrity - I cannot recall who it was - and he wanted to date both me and my cousin HM at the same time. I didn't really mind the situation. With some members of my family (unrecalled) we went for a drive - or a walk - I saw that we were on a road with some trees and fields on either side. I then saw a huge billboard by the side of the road - on it was a photograph of the male celebrity and my cousin HM embracing/kissing. I thought: 'Oh, she got in there first' - basically, she progressed the relationship with the male celebrity before I had the opportunity. I did not feel angry about it.

There was something relating to RBA and social media.

Someone (unknown) passed me something - it was some kind of paper/cardboard and I sniffed a white substance from it - drugs (maybe cocaine?) I was then 'high'. This happened while I was standing beside a car.

Scene 2: A Hospital - Time Unknown
I was then in a hospital treatment room with a young adult male patient (wearing grey trousers) and a female nurse. I realised I was a 'penis doctor' and was overseeing the nurse who was supposed to perform a routine check-up on the male patient. He was sitting on the edge of a bed. The nurse immediately began to stroke his crotch/genital area and he got an erection which was very visible. I thought/said: 'She didn't have to touch it...' and felt embarrassed for the man. I saw his erect penis (covered by the trousers) in close up.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • RBA as a dream character

  • My cousin and I were both going to have a relationship with a male celebrity
  • I was a 'penis doctor'

Day Residue: 
  • A short while before this dream I had chatted to RBA on Facebook messenger
  • A short while before this dream I was discussing drugs with DL and said that I would never want to snort drugs up my nose as I find the idea unappealing
  • A couple of days before this dream I read an online news article about Billie Piper and her new boyfriend who had a 'wild night out' - paparazzi images showed the boyfriend, musician Johnny Lloyd (singer in a band called Tribes) seeming to snort some kind of substance while standing beside a car

Waking Reactions: 
I wish I could recall more of this dream (not just the parts relating to penises!) If I remember anything further, I will record it below.

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