Saturday, 23 July 2016


Hi guys! 

Thanks to all my loyal followers & subscribers, both new and long-term - your continued support and interest in my online work is so very much appreciated and I love you all!

Sorry for the hiatus in creating videos for you - to apologise for the long time since I last recorded a video, I have made one about the current problems I am experiencing in my dream work, and also a little house tour vlog, so you can see my current accommodation! I hope you enjoy both! Please 'like' my videos and subscribe to my channel! See below for all my social media links and how to find my various online hideouts!

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My second Blog, Tallulah La Ghash - dedicated to creative pursuits which are not related to dreaming

I now have a second Youtube channel, Tallulah Zombieface, dedicated to my futile attempts at recreating iconic celebrity makeup looks and just having a general chat with the online world! Even if you are not interested in makeup, you might find my new channel entertaining because: 1. I discuss different topics to those covered in my original channel, Tallulah La Ghash; and 2. I am so untalented at applying makeup, it might be entertaining for you to see me throw products haphazardly at my face and end up looking zombified!

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