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'Shopping for Red Clothes'
Date: 26 July 2016
Time: 22:30 - 05:30 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Normal dream/Scene 1 was a Pre-Lucid Dream
Dream recall: Weak/moderate recall

This dream is part of my Dream Incubation Experiment - Eminem / Marshall Mathers III Dream - click HERE (post will open in a new window) to see the details of this Dream Incubation Experiment, including the methodology and results of previous Dream Incubation Experiments.

Scene 1: A Clothing Shop - Time Unknown
I was with my Mum in a clothes shop, which seemed to be a lot like the old Littlewoods store on Gentleman's Walk, Norwich (we always used to go in there when I was a child and my Mum/Nan and I visited the city or shopping). However, I knew it was not Littlewoods and as I was browsing a rail of red clothing, I recalled that I had recently dreamed of being in this shop, which changes appearance in almost every dream. I then knew that this was a charity shop and in the dream, I specifically thought that there had been another dream in which I had been in the same shop, which I had forgotten to note in my Dream Journal (i.e. on this Blog) when I last recorded a dream involving the same shop, a few days previously. I knew this dream was one involving BSS and I had a clear recollection that the BBS dream (at this point, I had no memory of when this dream occurred or the particular details of the dream) took place partly on a beach and partly in a charity shop, and involved second-hand handbags.

I will describe my thought process and the history of this dream shop below, in order to minimise confusion. Please note that although I had this thought process in my dream and was 'remembering previous dreams where I had been in the 'same' shop, this was not a lucid dream as I was not aware that I was dreaming while experiencing the dream. I was thinking about dreams within this current dream (Dream 667), but I believed that my present situation was real life and therefore was not consciously dreaming. This weird phenomena has happened to me before. It usually involves me thinking about my Dream Journal.

So, in the current dream, while browsing the rail of red clothing, I thought 'this isn't Littlewoods, it's the shop from my dreams'. I then became aware that the shop was always a charity shop/thrift store, and I specifically thought about/or saw an image of RP - a male I know from my hometown of Sheringham, who is also a Facebook friend and talented writer. I knew that one of my previous dreams about this shop had involved him, although I was not aware of which one while dreaming. 

The previous dreams I recalled involving this shop were:

23.07.2016: Dream 664 - 'Holiday' - During this recent dream, in Scene 1, I found myself in the shop. I became aware that I had been in this shop before, while dreaming. I knew the shop had appeared in previous dreams. Dream 664 was not a lucid dream. I experienced dream deja-vu, but fully believed I was in the shop in real life (i.e. I was not conscious of the fact I was dreaming). I recorded the dream in my Dream Journal as Dream 664 and searched back through my Dream Journal to find the earlier dream in which I knew that I had been inside this shop. I discovered that the more recent earlier dream in which this shop appeared was Dream 553 - 'The Worst Gym Ever'.

23.01.2016: Dream 553 - 'The Worst Gym Ever' occurred during an earlier Dream Incubation Experiment - 'The Art Star DE'. In Scene 3 of Dream 553, I was in a charity shop with my Nan, and I 'remembered' within the dream (dream deja-vu, but not a lucid dream) that I had been in this shop in a previous dream, although the shop was different. In this current shop, my Nan was looking at handbags and she had a conversation with the shop assistant, who was a white, middle-aged female. I was prompted to remember the previous dream about the shop, because I recognised the (dream character) shop assistant was the same. The dream cited in the Blog post pertaining to Dream 553 is Dream 254 - 'Thuggin, Freddie Gibbs & the Little Shop of Horrible Clothes'. Note that I did not recall Dream 254 as involving a previous visit to this shop in Dream 664 - I only discovered the second layer of dream deja-vu involving this shop when I was researching/writing up Dream 664 and re-visited Dream 553 and noticed that this dream report involved a reference and back-link to Dream 254

03.06.2014: Dream 254 - 'Thuggin, Freddie Gibbs & the Little Shop of Horrible Clothes' - in this dream, I was in a shop in Sheringham, which resembled one of my favourite thrift stores (it was a 'catalogue shop' - basically the owner of the store bought last season clothing from suppliers and sold them cheaply). RP was the shop assistant in this dream. I did not notice this fact while linking this dream to Dream 664 - or if I did, I did not consciously process the fact that I did, until I had this current dream, Dream 667, in which I thought specifically of RP. 

So in this current dream, Dream 667, I 'remembered' a third, earlier dream in which I was in the same shop, and realised that I had not recorded this on my post for Dream 664, which is the dream when I first had the realisation that it was always the same shop in my dreams and as a result had researched the issue, recording the above information. While recording Dream 667 (therefore, right now), I went back to previous posts on my Dream Journal, searching for 'handbags' as my current dream (Dream 667) had revealed that the 'forgotten dream' involved handbags. I discovered that the 'forgotten dream' was Dream 489 - 'A Dead Bird Fell onto my Vagina at a Festival' which took place on 31.08.2015. Note that this dream, which involves BSS took place shortly after I first met him in person, at a hip hop festival. The same festival is taking place this forthcoming weekend - I know BSS is attending as I had seen him post about it on Facebook recently in real life. This adds a further interesting complexity to this dream, as when I 'remembered' the existence of the 'forgotten dream' while dreaming Dream 667 (the current dream), I did not recall that it involved a festival, or in fact that this dream took place around the time that I had actually met BSS at a real life festival, which happened to be the same annual music event that is taking place this week.

31.08.2015: Dream 489 - 'A Dead Bird Fell onto my Vagina at a Festival'. In Scene 5, I was with BSS at a beach which was simultaneously an interior, as I discovered later. I found a number of handbags in armrest compartments of black leather armchairs/sofas. NOTE THAT WHEN I JUST WENT TO READ THROUGH THIS DREAM FOR THE PURPOSES OF WRITING UP THIS POST, I REALISED THAT DREAM 489 DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY SCENE WHERE I WAS IN A SHOP. Therefore, Dream 667 contained a FALSE DREAM MEMORY

Scene 2: A Fairground - Day
I saw my Mum's friend, CC standing in the entrance of a fairground attraction. It was a sunny summer day. She had her arms stretched out at either side, so that she was holding onto the sides of the entrance. Next to the attraction where CC was standing, there was a donut stall and a hotdog stall.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • The colour red
  • My Mum as a dream character 
  • My Mum and I in a clothing shop

  • I was thinking about how my current dreamscene location was one which appeared in previous dreams - this should have triggered lucidity

Day Residue: 
  • Thinking about the recurrence of this 'dream shop' while recording my recent dreams
  • I had recommended that DL read RP's writing as he is very talented with a great sense of humour. I mentioned RP to DL on the day of this dream - he had come up in conversation because DL and I discussed the following topics: (1) Ewan McGregor (my teenage and current crush) and the fact he had been in Moulin Rouge! (2001) directed by Baz Luhrmann; (2) the Luhrmann movie Romeo + Juliet (1996) - a 1990s movie which DL had said that he dislikes; (3) Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet; (4) the fact that during my teenage years (age 13 and 17 respectively) I wrote my own versions of Romeo and Juliet (one being a comedy. Jomeo and Ruliet, which I wrote/directed, casting myself as Jomeo's Dad, for a school talent show; the second being one which I wrote in Norfolk slang as a side project while studying Theatre Studies): (5) my experience of being the only student in my year who took the A-level Theatre Studies exam; (6) the fact that the Theatre Studies students from the year below were recruited to help me with my coursework, as I had no peers in my own year to work with and this was a 'Group Project' which meant I was unable to take responsibility for all the roles involved in putting on a theatre production (I was being graded on writing/directing specifically). RP had acted in my play and I think he also designed the lighting, which led me to think specifically of him at this point in the conversation; (7) I told DL that RP was a talented writer and recommended that he read some of his work
  • During the above discussion relating to Shakespeare, DL mentioned that his popularity was due to the fact his plays contained highbrow concepts and also references which would appeal to the low humour of the poorer classes. These references would often be sexual innuendos and puns (the type I used in my own re-working, Jomeo & Ruliet) - I specifically at this point thought of 'cod pieces' - my Mum's friend, CC was previous married and used a last name which began with 'Cod'
  • The day before this dream I had told DL about a piece of horror fiction I am currently writing, which involves a webcam girl called 'Montana Joy' and a webcam site called 'Pleasureland' - in Great Yarmouth, beside the Pleasure Beach is an attraction called 'Joyland'

Waking Reactions: 
WOW. This dream was so complex and the levels of dream deja-vu were very difficult to convey in written form. I have just about covered all of the material I think it relevant to this dream and I have done so in great detail, but I think I may have forgotten other aspects of this dream and given the way my dream memories/recall have been working in recent times, it may be that I subsequently remember more. If I do, I will record it below. This dream was incredibly interesting to me as a dream researcher and highlights the strange interwoven nature of consciousness, dreams and memory - including false memories of dreams which may have in turn been influenced by day residue. There was no reference to my Dream Incubation Experiment, but I feel that this dream was especially significant to me regardless, given it's content and implications. 

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