Saturday, 23 July 2016

Dream 662

'Sink Vomit'
Date: 16 July 2016
Time: 03:00 - 10:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream 
Dream recall: Strong recall

I went to bed after a night out clubbing, during which I consumed a large amount of alcohol - white wine and some bottled drinks. I was definitely intoxicated when I went to sleep and had this dream. Earlier in the night, I had walked through broken glass with bare feet and knew I had fragments of glass stuck in the sole of my foot. I couldn't be bothered to deal with this when I got home, so I just washed my foot and went to bed, hoping to sort it out in the morning. To be honest, it didn't hurt at any point (during the incident or when I removed the glass with a knife and tweezers) because I have a pretty high pain threshold. The bleeding was fairly intense, but only in the minutes after I first injured my foot - I actually  temporarily forgot about it when I went out dancing shortly afterwards!

Scene 1: My Bedroom in my Temporary Accommodation, Norwich - Time Unknown
I was in my current temporary accommodation, in my bedroom, which looked slightly different from how it normally should. There was a knock at the door and before I could open it, the door burst open and 3 males - in Maintenance uniforms - pushed past me into the room. It turned out that I had vomited a purple and orange substance all over my sink, causing a blockage which affected the entire building. I went to look at the sink - it looked more like a well in the corner of the room, or at least some form of industrial water pump, with a pipe in the middle, where water was running from. The vomit was filling the 'sink'/well. The vomit was lumpy and bright in colour and there was so much of it, it would not be humanly possible for one person to produce so much. I felt shocked and disgusted at myself. 

The Maintenance men were pouring buckets of water into the 'sink' to try and flush the vomit away, but it was unsuccessful. One of the men told me in an angry voice that I would be charged 'hundreds of pounds' for the blockage to be cleared and the sink fixed. I tried to argue with this, saying: 'Have you tried to run the cold water?' - hoping that this would be the solution to the problem. I was told that this would not fix it. I walked to the 'sink' and noticed that the vomit was clearing. One of the Maintenance men was kneeling beside the 'sink'/well and he said: 'Running the cold water cleared it'. I felt vindicated (that my suggestion had actually worked) and relieved that the situation was now resolved, so I would not be charged for damage. 

Scene 2: An Exterior Scene (Location Unknown) - Day
I was outside during the day - the sky was blue and I think it may have been sunny. Standing on the side of a road/edge of a pavement were a number of men wearing business suits. In the dream (not real life), I recognised these men to be lawyers - practicing lawyers who I work alongside in my pro bono work; and also academic lawyers who are members of the Law School faculty (none of these dream characters were similar to any of my colleagues in either respect, but I was aware of who they represented in the dream). They were discussing who should be hired as the replacement for the girl who works alongside me in my pro bono work. I indicated that my university friend Ben would be perfect for the role and the lawyers seems impressed with my idea.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

None of note

  • The sink in my bedroom looked like a well
  • The amount of vomit could not come from one single person

Day Residue: 
  • Due to refurbishments in my normal accommodation, I am currently living in temporary accommodation (university halls of residence). Unlike my normal home, I currently have a sink in my bedroom. While my normal home is being refurbished, I reported that the window frame in my bedroom was broken, so it was an ideal time for this to be fixed while workmen are already in the house. The Maintenance Staff were joking withe me, because last year I had to get a hole in my bedroom wall fixed, where my foot kicked through the plaster while I was asleep - they told me I was a liability!
  • My current bedroom has purple paintwork and I have a purple duvet on my bed 
  • I ate a beetroot salad on the day of this dream (purple food)
  • On the night out before this dream, I met a guy called Ben
  • In my pro bono legal work, I am currently needing a partner to help with the workload - I discovered that one of my colleagues ('Ben') who also studies Law might be interested and so I am hoping to speak to him soon and recommend that he replace my colleague

Waking Reactions: 
This was a very vivid dream - and actually a pretty disgusting one. I guess maybe I dreamed about vomiting because I had been drinking heavily before I went to sleep and the alcohol in my system may have prompted this dream theme. It is also possible that the alcohol led to the REM Rebound Effect, which might account for the very vivid dream.

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