Monday, 6 May 2019

Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure

To celebrate the relaunch of my Youtube channel (and this Blog), I am conducting a new Dream Incubation Experiment which I will document on both platforms for my viewers/readers. I hope you will follow along with me and try it for yourselves!

Quite simply, dream incubation is the concept of prospectively choosing what you want to dream about and then training your mind to make your chosen dream happen. It is often referred to as 'planting the seed' of a dream in your mind.

In the spirit of updating and streamlining my content, and to make my tutorials/experiments easier to follow, I am simplifying my Dream Incubation Technique. I have been practicing dream incubation since my early childhood, when I first became interested in dreamwork. I was always fascinated and excited by the idea of choosing the theme or subject matter of my dreams. 

In previous Dream Incubation Experiments, I attempted to combine dream incubation and lucid dreaming. I think this unnecessarily complicated what should be a relatively easy aspect of dreamwork. For this reason, my new Dream Incubation Experiment will focus solely on the objective of incubating a chosen dream theme successfully. If lucidity occurs during my Dream Incubation Experiment, this is an added bonus! 

My chosen Dream Incubation Theme is - A Star Wars Adventure.

I will purely concentrate on incubating a Star Wars dream - I am not going to be prescriptive or specific here. The first day of this Dream Incubation Experiment is today - Monday 6 May 2019.

  • Every night, before sleep, I will use a mantra - 'I will have a Star Wars dream and remember it when I wake up'. I will recite this repeatedly in my mind as I am laying in bed, falling asleep. This will focus my intention on dreaming about Star Wars.
  • I will periodically and regularly think about Star Wars throughout the waking day and try and expose myself to as much Star Wars-related content as possible - this is relatively easy for me as I follow a lot of Star Wars-related media online.
  • I will use two cues/prompts - a written reminder (which will be read each night before sleep and will be kept under my pillow) and a small, metal replica of the Death Star (which will be kept in  visible spot beside my bed) - see below for an image of my Dream Incubation Experiment cues/prompts.
  • Every day upon waking I will reflect on my dream memories and then record/interpret and analyse each dream, both on this Blog and in regular Youtube video uploads.

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