Saturday, 15 June 2019

Dream 990

'Clay House Hair Loss'
Date: 2 June 2019
Day 29 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Unsuccessful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: A Clay Interior, Location Unknown - Time Unknown
I can't remember much about this dream, and I think I have forgotten quite a lot of detail. I was in an interior, which was made of brown clay, which looked wet and slimy. The walls extended up, further than I could see, so the ceiling must have been very high. There were other dream characters with me, who I knew in the dream, but I cannot recall now. 

Scene 2: RR's Dad's Home - Night
My Mum's friend, CC then said something to me, which led me to think I needed to go to RR's dad's house (or at least RR's childhood home, which is very close my Nan's/my childhood home, in Woodland Rise, Sheringham - see Google Map image, below). I do not recall why I needed to go there, but I 'remembered' I had been here before. I then 'remembered' that this had just been a dream, but I did not actually become lucid in this current dream. It was if this this current dream was real life and within this normal dream, I remembered a previous dream (I have since checked my Blog and found that the dreams I was remembering were: Dream 484 - 'Attacks in the Village' (27/08/2015) and Dream 588 - 'Weird Party' (17/03/2016) - the latter of which was part of a separate Dream Incubation Experiment - Serial Killer Dream). I have not ever been inside RR's house as far as I remember - in this dream, it was night and I cannot recall how I got to the house. I had a distinct memory of seeing it was only one storey high - like a bungalow. There was a 'fairytale' quality to the house, although I cannot say why, other than the house is opposite a forest. The lights in the house were very bright. The living room/lounge area was very open and there was a burning log fire. I thought that the decor looked to be 'Inuit' in style, whatever I thought that meant. There was a rocking chair with a red embroidered blanket on it, in this presumed 'Inuit' style. here was a lot of wooden furniture, and I think the walls were also made of wood, like a log cabin. I thought I might be there for 'sewing' (I am not sure what this means). I then went into a bathroom - which I think was still in RR's dad's house. The toilets looked like those in a nightclub - the lights were dim and blue and there was a big mirror above a sink, opposite the toilet which was in a cubicle. I saw myself in third-person perspective, from above. I had my hair in a ponytail. There was a donut shaped and sized ring of baldness around my ponytail. I felt anxious about the hair loss.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:

Hi, Tallulah from the future here. I was researching past dreams for a current (April 2020) dream post I am writing and I wanted to add my 'future' thoughts to old posts, just to add another layer of analysis and recording! Here are some April 2020 observations about this dream:

Reason I was here on 24 April 2020:
I am researching previous dreams involving RR's childhood home as a dream scene location, as it occurred in a recent (future) dream - Dream 1069 - 'Trisha Paytashlash' (28 March 2020) which took place during a Dream Incubation Experiment - A Mermaid Dream

  • This is another dream which features CC as a dream character, in addition to RR's dad's house as a dream scene location - a previous dream I have read today in connection with this current exercise also featured this - see Dream 484 - 'Attacks in The Village' (27 August 2016).
  • A really weird feature of this dream is the idea of being in RR's dad's house and looking in a mirror near a sink and noticing hair loss. In Dream 1069 - 'Trisha Paytashlash' (28 March 2020), I was in RR's dad's house (a beauty salon run by Trisha Paytashlash) for an eyelash treatment, which resulted in the non-consensual removal of all of my eyelashes through the process of 'sequinning' (note the reference to 'sewing' in this dream - my purpose of attending RR's dad's house). 

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