Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dream 805

'Tre & Darvius'
Date: 11 April 2017
Time: 03:00 - 11:00 (I woke up from this dream naturally)
Type of dream: Normal dream
Dream recall: Normal recall 

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior, Sheringham - Time Unknown
I was with my friend from Sheringham, NN. We were in a house, which I assume was in Sheringham. This was a large, very modern family home. Everything was shiny white and black, with very bright lighting. I cannot remember much about the decoration or furniture of the house, but there was a huge open plan kitchen with a lot of gadgets in it. 

On one of the windows was a screen, mounted at head height, which NN was using. It was like an iPad/touchscreen which was suspended on the glass of the window. She was choosing 'a husband' (she has a partner in real life). There were 2 options - both young black men, who were either brothers or best friends. Their names were Tre and Darvius. Both were attractive and I knew they were very well-connected and successful men. NN made her choice between the 2 men; I cannot recall who she picked. 

Some events happened in the dream, which I cannot recall. There was some conversation which led me to strongly believe that NN was racist towards black people (I must note here, that even though she is anonymised in this Dream Report, she is most certainly not racist and has never once given me cause to believe she has any racist beliefs at all, this was just a figment of my dream). I wanted to warn either Tre or Darvius not to marry her. The men arrived at the house. While standing in the kitchen chatting to them both, I told them that NN was racist and they should stay away from her. It turned out that she had selected both men, which was why they had both arrived together. I was enjoying their company a lot and during our discussion found that I had a lot in common with both of them, so when I said NN was racist, they immediately accepted this and said that they would rather spend time with me, because I was involved in anti-hate crime work and not racist. They said we should leave together and avoid NN. 

We left the house.

Scene 2: The Train Station, Sheringham - Day
We were at Sheringham Train Station, where there was a table set up on the small area where cars can be parked. Tre, Darvius and I sat down and started having a nice conversation - I cannot remember what we were talking about, but we were having a good time. I received a text message on my mobile phone. My 'phone' was actually a sphere of plasticine on a lollipop stick. The plasticine was the murky brown colour which occurs when all the other colours become mixed up. The 'text messages' were inscribed into the plasticine. I was 'scrolling' the plasticine sphere with my finger (the sphere was the size of a large marble or gobstopper), thinking the text message might have been from R3A - I could see the top part of some writing (scratched into/inscribed in the plasticine) which showed that the message was from my friend CG - with his Facebook username which is not his actual name. The 'text' was in messy handwriting, not type.

I cannot recall what else happened in this dream.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • NN as a dream character
  • R3A as a dream character

  • NN was ordering a husband online
  • NN was racist
  • There was a table in the parking area of the train station
  • My mobile phone was a sphere of plasticine on a stick with words carved into it

Day Residue: 
  • I had a recent dream about NN - Dream 802 - 'Incomplete Assignments'
  • I have recently been (unsuccessfully) using an online dating app
  • I see numerous online stories/references to racism on a daily basis, which hurts me as I have an anti hate crime role - and like any right-minded and normal person - detest racism and discrimination
  • On the day of this dream my flatmate SC and I had been discussing someone we felt might have racial prejudice as they had mentioned that a complaint that had with someone was 'not because they are black' - which indicates that skin colour was in fact at the forefront of their mind as no-one else had mentioned race as being a factor or accused the person of being racist

Waking Reactions: 
This dream was quite entertaining, although I felt guilty that in this dream NN was a racist, because I know that she is not racist in real life!

I may have forgotten some aspects of this dream, but if I remember anything else, I will record it below.

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