Sunday, 16 April 2017


'Nuclear Disaster in the Ocean'
Date: 16 April 2017
Time: 05:30 - 11:00 (I woke up from this dream due to an alarm)
Type of dream: Vivid dream/Pre-Lucid Dream/Precognitive Dream
Dream recall: Strong recall (some aspects forgotten due to length of dream)

Firstly, I want to state that I am not a believer in extra-sensory perception - at least I would describe myself as a sceptic. I have written various articles 'debunking' or critiquing some of the less-scientific aspects of lucid dream culture and plan to do more in the future. My aim is not to impose my worldview or perspective on anyone (atheist, humanist, liberal), but to provide my own study on a topic and present it in a way which considers both angles and then draws a conclusion reached using my skills as a researcher and lawyer. If readers do not agree with my opinion, that is fine - I have friends of all faiths and beliefs, we just interpret our existence differently. 

So, when I say this was a precognitive dream, I am not actually suggesting that this dream is predicting the future. I have written very briefly on precognitive dreams in relation to another theme. I do believe that sometimes dreams foreshadow real world events, because I believe that humans pick up so many more subconscious cues about their waking reality. These subconscious cues may be projected in our dreams, mixed up with other dream content. Therefore, when events happen - in the dreamer's personal life, or the world at large - it seems like we might have predicted them in our dream. I will write more about this subject at a later date. 

In this dream - which was a Pre-Lucid dream - I was telling myself that this was a precognitive dream. That does not necessarily mean that it is. It was my subconscious self telling me this. This was a Pre-Lucid dream in that I did not become fully aware that I was in a dream, but I was questioning reality as implied by me saying 'this is a precognitive dream'. I should have used this as a dreamsign to trigger full lucidity. 

I have forgotten some elements of this very vivid dream, due to the fact it was such a long dream and I simply could not process all of my recall effectively upon waking.

Scene 1: Exterior - Day
I was watching a scene unfold. I cannot quite recall how I was watching - it seemed as if I was there at the scene. At first I felt like I was my younger self. I saw myself in third-person perspective, and thought: 'this is a school photograph', but I was only looking at my chin up close. I had some conversation with DL and I realised I was actually an adult. 

I was aware - through watching and listening - that a massive disaster was happening on a global scale. The reports of the incident were not clear at first, and then seemed to come from a variety of sources, so it was as if I was watching various news channels, or trying to piece together the story. The disaster was a nuclear event - some kind of spillage. I saw this via a video of the ocean, which was on a stormy day - from the perspective of someone standing on the beach. The report of this incident told me that a man had gone into the sea and been contaminated by the nuclear spillage, and he washed up on shore looking like a block of pink jelly. I saw an image of this - it was like a block of large wobbly pink jelly on the beach. I said to DL: 'He is like a real life version of that character from X-Men'. DL said: 'You can't say that about an accident' but I just laughed and said that I could say what I wanted. Th character from the X-Men I was referring to Senator Robert Kelly (I just looked this up, I did not know this in the dream). 

I then saw a new report, which looked like it was filmed from space - some distance away from Earth, so that it could be seen as a sphere - but still close enough to be able to identify all the countries very easily. I saw a pink slime start to descend across the globe - like someone was pouring this substance on top of the planet. This was the nuclear spillage and the report was saying that this disaster was going to wipe out all life on Earth - it would soon be affecting the UK. Everyone was going into panic mode. I felt calm, but confused as why this was happening. DL said: 'It's because of the war' and I thought: 'This is a precognitive dream' - by this I meant, World War III is coming and this nuclear disaster in the ocean will be part of the conflict. I thought to myself: 'I need to warn people'.

Scene 2: A Beach - Day
I was then standing on a beach - I knew I was really there, not simply watching it because it was cold and I was aware that dusk was approaching. This was in the UK I think, because I was aware that I was watching the local volunteers who had signed up to help solve the nuclear disaster before it affected the UK. These people were all going to sail out to sea and try and clean up the nuclear spill. I only recall one person who was there - Anakin Skywalker as a 9 year old (as he is in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) - played by Jake Lloyd). He was the best chance of success - all the other dream characters (there were less than 20) were adults and I think they may have all been male. These men got into a rowing boat - this was what they were going to sail out into the middle of the ocean in. I thought: 'This better work'.

Scene 3: A Bedroom - Night
I was aware that I was supposed to contact R3A and tell him about the nuclear disaster because the way the slime was dripping down the Earth it would affect Scotland before England and I knew he had not heard about it yet. I was laying in a bed in a bedroom, which was mine in the dream, but not a room I know from real life. I decided that I should try and make myself look beautiful, so I started rubbing cream on my face and then started to apply makeup in a dressing table mirror. I was listening to some music which I was enjoying - but I cannot recall what music it was. 

I wandered into another part of the room, where there was a wardrobe with mirrored doors, showing my entire reflection. I could see that the carpet was beige. I was wearing a black dress with many lace sections, which showed my skin through it. I decided that I would go out to a nightclub, but I wanted to dance to the music first. I started bellydancing and admired my body, which seemed to be in good shape. I remembered I needed to tell R3A about the nuclear disaster, and got my mobile phone out to call/text him and warn him he needed to find a nuclear shelter. However, I became distracted by the idea of taking some photographs of myself. I started to adopt some sexy poses and took some photographs. I then realised that I shared the room with an ex-housemate from the days of my first undergraduate degree in the University of York. This girl - SFC was a nightmare to live with and displayed numerous unusual personality traits. I have not seen her since I graduated from York. SFC was sitting at a desk just to my right side. The desk was an old-fashioned writing desk. She was working on something. She said: 'Turn this music off and put on Arbage Garbage [this was not the name of the band she said, but it is the best approximation based on my memory]'.

I said: 'This is the first song on the album and it's the first time I've heard it'. I wanted to keep my music on. SFC insisted that we listen to Arbage Garbage, because they were better. I was not convinced. I made her promise that we would listen to my music as soon as we had listened to the Arbage Garbage album, which SFC agreed to. I then realised that the nuclear disaster might reach the UK and kill us before this could happen, so I was not happy. 

Scene 4: Outside a Building - Night
EB was involved in the dream, but I cannot recall what happened regarding him.

I found myself outside a building. I saw a number of dream characters, 3 of which were 'protesting' by the entrance to the building, which looked like a commercial premises. The protest involved 2 male dream characters (unrecalled) and a female who I recognised from real life, but cannot recall. They were standing behind something which looked like an ironing board. The 'protest' was about the name 'Honor'. They were chanting the name, and I was aware they were trying to say that it was not a 'real name'. I approached the female and said: 'I used to work in a hotel where there were 2 females named Honor' (this is true, when I worked with my Mum in a hotel in Sheringham, there were 2 colleagues, one named Honor (and older woman) and another named Oner (a young girl at the time).

I cannot recall anything else about this dream at present.

Extra Information: 
None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • DL as a dream character

  • The nuclear incident - everything about it
  • I was with SFC, who I have not seen in years

Day Residue: 
  • On the day of this dream I had been involved in a debate on a Hip Hop Debates page on Facebook. One man was criticising Kendrick Lamar and another said he needed to give him another listen and let him 'resonate'. I agreed, saying if you love something on the first listen/watch/read - i.e. you have an immediate response - it's not challenging you or changing/transforming you in any way and art should be challenging and transformative

Waking Reactions: 
This dream was so fascinating as it was pre-lucid and was described by my subconscious self as being 'precognitive'. A nuclear disaster is one of my greatest fears, and it was very surprising to note my incredibly self-absorbed and nonchalant response to my waking fear within the dream. I very much enjoyed having this dream.

If I recall anything else about this dream, I will record it below.

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