Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Dream 1025

'Darth Maul, My Abusive Step-Grandfather'
Date: 5 August 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Day
I was in an unknown interior, which was not somewhere I recall from real life, but in the dream it appeared to be my family home. I was present with my Nan and other members of my family - I recall my Mum and cousin HM being present, but cannot specifically remember who else was in the location. The house had a lot of hallways and corners - I cannot recall being in a specific room. 

My Nan was telling me that she was remarrying (she has never had another relationship since divorcing my late Granddad many many years ago, and is not interested in this). I knew her boyfriend was Darth Maul from Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) and Star Wars Rebels. I saw an image of Darth Maul appear before me, but he wasn't present. In the dream he was a Sith Assassin and appeared to exist as he does in the Star Wars universe. My Nan said Darth Maul would be late for the wedding because he was in due in Norwich Crown Court for a trial on 'abuse' charges and was likely to be found guilty. I realised that Darth Maul had been visiting the prison AJR (my boyfriend) is currently incarcerated in and had been abusing members of Healthcare staff. It seemed that it was sexual abuse that dated back a number of years. My Nan did not care about the sexual abuse or trial and she was laughing about it, which annoyed me because she wasn't taking things seriously and did not have empathy for the victims. I did not want her to marry Darth Maul as I thought this was a mistake. I went to find my cousin HM, with the aim of getting her to convince our Nan not to marry Darth Maul.

I wandered through some dark corridors in the 'house' and found my cousin standing beside a closed door in one of the hallways. She was dressed in a long, flowery dress which I understood to be her formal outfit for the wedding of my Nan and Darth Maul. I started shouting at HM, because I was angry that she appeared to be supporting the marriage between my Nan and Darth Maul. HM told me that it was only me that had an issue/problem with the marriage and she was looking forward to Darth Maul becoming our step-grandfather. She said that it would be a 1970s themed wedding (her dress was not a 1970s-style dress as far as I recall - it looked modern). 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This dream took place during the period in which I am testing the Awoken Lucid Dreaming App - please click HERE to read my introductory post which provides all relevant information about this app which is designed to help you train your mind for lucid dream induction!
  • On the day of this dream DL and I had a conversation where we discussed the fact my Nan prefers the company of men to women
  • On the night before this dream I was watching a Star Wars Theory video about the death of Darth Maul in Star Wars Rebels on Youtube
  • On the day of this dream I had been looking at vintage photographs of 1970s fashion on an Instagram account
  • The day before this dream I had been recording a Youtube video about my Star Wars dreams - specifically sex dreams relating to Luke Skywalker - see my video Tallulah's Dream Palace | Sex Dreams (Luke Skywalker Edition - 1) embedded below the image of Darth Maul

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