Friday, 9 August 2019

Weird Dream Phenomenon - Nuclear Holocausts & Atom Bombs!

I just had to write a new post explaining this weird dream phenomenon, just as it was fresh in my mind, having happened only moments ago (about as long as it took me to open the page to write a new post, as I had just uploaded my Dream 1027, which is timestamped at 19:39 hours and then shared the link on my social media). It was 19:43 when I began writing this post, but it might take me a while to post it because I have to take a telephone call from AJR at some point very soon, which will be a break in writing this up.

Dream 1017 included a reference to a nuclear holocaust. I am not suggesting this particular aspect of the dream was significant - and my reaction to the prospect of the nuclear holocaust in the dream was not particularly unusual. When I recalled - and recorded - this dream, I did not think that it was actually that weird, and if I had to place especial interest in any aspect of it, I would choose the Corey Haim reference over the nuclear holocaust part. 

I then checked on my Blog statistics to see how many views of Dream 1027 had taken place as a result of me sharing the link on Twitter. I noticed that Dream 1027 had only had 3 views, but a number of people had been viewing Dream 220 (1 January 2014). At the time of checking it was 32 - I have gone back to get a screenshot of my Blog statistics to illustrate this. When I returned to the statistics page to get my screenshot, Dream 1027 had been viewed 5 times and Dream 220 had been viewed 33 times, so a 2 view increase for Dream 1027 and a single view increase for Dream 202. Note that I specifically opt to not track my own pageviews on my Blog as I want my statistics to be pure and accurate.

I thought this was unusual, as although I didn't have a single clue as to what Dream 220 was about, I was aware that it wasn't a dream I had noticed pop up in the statistics for popular dreams which receive a lot of views, or at least, not recently. 

I then went to investigate, by taking a look at Dream 220. At first it seemed quite innocuous - and a strange dream for so many people to randomly viewing on any one particular day - the main emphasis of the dream appeared to be two peripheral Eastenders characters who haven't been on the show for years - one was such a minor character, I doubt anyone would even remember them nowadays. However, the final part of Dream 220 was me threatening an aggressive female dream character by saying: 'If I like chemistry, maybe I should drop an atom bomb on you!' in retaliation to her remark that if I liked chemistry so much maybe she should throw chemicals in my face.

I am not suggesting that it is odd that I have had a contemporaneous dream involving a nuclear holocaust and a previous dream from 5.5 years ago where there was a reference to an atom bomb - if I searched my Blog, I would no doubt find hundreds of references to nuclear holocaust and atom bombs, as they are one of my greatest fears (not to imply that every single human being would not fear them completely - I mean the fear of them occupies my mind more than necessary and I find myself becoming anxious about them). I would also note that and ex-boyfriend and my Nan's living-room are present in both Dream 1027 and Dream 220 if I were to pick up on coincidences between these dreams.

The real phenomenon here was that Dream 220 was randomly being viewed around the world as I was recording last night's dream which involved a nuclear holocaust. What was attracting so many people to this relatively benign and basic dream on this particular day? 

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