Tuesday, 13 August 2019


'Bowling Green, Sudsbury'
Date: 13 August 2019
Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior, which was like we were in the hollows of a huge tree, as all the walls, floors and ceilings were made of gnarled dark wood, and uneven in appearance - very rustic and cosy. There was light. I was wandering around this strange interior, which had no furniture (all seating was carved into out of the wooden material - so there were no 'additional' fixtures of fittings. In a 'hallway' I saw a dog, which was a large grey greyhound type of dog. I perceived the dog to be unfriendly, so I did not approach it.

I walked into a different room, which had seating. There were a number of other dream characters in this area, including my Mum, Nan and cousin HM and my boyfriend AJR. I am not sure if I remember any of the other dream characters, so cannot say if they were known to me in real life. AJR told me that the room was 'contaminated' by dead bats. This horrified me and I said that we should go outside to get into the fresh air. Our party got up to leave - I cannot recall where my family members went after we started to leave.

Scene 2: A Bowling Green, 'My Dream Town' - Late Afternoon
It felt like leaving the interior, was 'coming up' to the surface, like we had been underground, but I am not sure why, as we did not climb any stairs - we walked through a door, which made me think of the past. I do not know how to describe this, because it wasn't as if the door was particularly 'historical' and neither was the surrounding area. It just gave me an impression of halls/doors from my childhood, or just before I was born - as perceived from images I've seen of the 1970s. It was a very vivid, impressionistic and comforting feeling, and quite abstract. I just thought, this is what bureaucracy used to be like - this is what public building entrance halls and doors looked like (in approx. 1970s - 1990s). The entrance was very beige and had blocky wooden furniture - only really a desk as far as I saw. Everything looked very 'solid' and official. There was a dado-rail around the room. It looked worn and not especially well-maintained, but very tidy. The door was very large and painted a maroon/burgundy colour. It also had a very solid, official feel. The entrance and door felt institutional. This whole part of the dream scene was very significant, for absolutely no obvious reason at all. As I was about to leave the entrance hall and step out of the interior, I expected to be in the West End of London (I have no idea why) - I saw a street, which I perceived to be 'Chelsea' in my mind's eye before we left the building. 

AJR and I stepped out and we were in front of a large bowling green. I could see some buildings a the periphery of my vision. The area seemed to be very pleasant and tranquil - I realised this was a quiet and upper-class district of my 'Dream Town' (for information about 'Sudsbury', my 'Dream Town' - see this post for an explanation of the significance of this dream scene location and links to all of my dreams which feature my 'Dream Town' - Dream 998 - 'My Dream Town Becomes Victorian'). AJR said to me: 'Sudsbury isn't the same as where my family live, but you think it means something' - which in the dream I just accepted as being a completely normal thing to say, but honestly, should have been a huge dreamsign for me, triggering a reality check and a lucid dream. 

The fact AJR was with me in 'Sudsbury' a reoccuring location which I am fascinated by as a weird dream phenomenon (and the fact he was out of prison!) and referencing the phenomenon within the dream, which could have led me to 'remember' Sudsbury only exists in my dreams, should have made me snap to consciousness. In the dream, I just reminded him that it was true, it was a weird coincidence (I don't know what I thought the coincidence was within this dream - as the coincidence would have to acknowledge that 'Sudsbury' is a Dream Town, which only exists in my dreams! This is such an oddity to me, it just seems like I was coming to a conclusion I would in real life - because AJR and I have discussed the fact I dream of a Dream Town, called 'Sudsbury' which is very close in name to the real life town 'Sudbury' in Suffolk, where he will soon live with his family on release from prison. However, I didn't actively think about the nature or implications of that coincidence. AJR thinks my dreamwork is all pointless.

AJR and I looked at the bowling green. I knew it was late afternoon. I felt very happy to be in this location at this particular time with AJR as everything was just at peace. There were some dream character males dressed in white, some distance away, playing bowls. I could see some old-fashioned streetlamps beyond the bowling green's edge, and some wrought-iron fencing some distance away, to my left, which fenced off something which may have been a park or a small city garden. The road led off to taller very grey buildings which were on either side of the narrow street, which was 'uphill' as I could see it rise slightly above us at an angle. I saw that some of the houses I could see were Georgian townhouses and I thought they looked very aesthetic. This whole part of the dream was extremely vivid as well. 

AJR said that we should walk to 'the Solicitors' - I am not exactly sure why we had to go to a solicitors in the dream, as I just accepted that we needed to and did not actively think about the reason (probably because law is such an intrinsic part of both of our lives, him being a prisoner and me being a lawyer). We walked in a road which was pretty much straight ahead of us as we stared at the bowling green - so we must have walked around the perimeter of the bowling green - or straight through the middle. As we reached the other side of the road, I could see that it was also quite a narrow street, with tall and very aesthetic buildings on both sides, and sycamore trees. I knew it was an 'Avenue' (see Additional Notes, below for an analysis of this) and everything felt very cosy and just positive. It is easier to describe how the environment made me feel rather than try and describe the nature of the environment itself, I was just the happiest I had ever been and felt at one with my location. I have included some images of London areas below which illustrate the general environment I saw in my dream.

As we passed by one of the houses, which was a large Victorian (?) townhouse, had the sash windows open. I could see light inside the house, and I got the impression that the residents there were 'bohemians'. I heard a song playing from inside the house - I am not sure what it sounded like in the dream, because I instantly recognised it as being on Chris Morris' Blue Jam (the radio series of 1997 - 1999, which I listen to everyday because it is so bizarre, disturbing and ambient and perfect background material for creative or relaxing activities, I cannot recommend it enough! The song is also on the TV adaptation, Jam (2000)) - having gone through the radio shows, I discovered that the track I heard in my dream was Moodswings, 'The Great Sound of Letting Go'. I knew that this meant that Chris Morris lived in this house - and I knew he lived with Aphex Twin (Richard James). This made me even more happy to be in this area. 

I cannot recall going to the Solicitor with AJR. It was definitely getting dark at this stage in the dream, as I distinctly remember the fact everything was blue-tinged and the streetlamps were on, and the light in the window of Chris Morris and Richard James' house would suggest it was dark if we follow real life logic. I believe that at this stage I had a brief awakening due to my cleaner coming into my house without ringing the doorbell, but then making just enough noise for me to be disturbed, as I remember thinking 'I didn't hear them come in' and some light banging in the bathroom, which is next to my room. I must have fallen asleep again in a matter of seconds. I went back into my dream.

Scene 3: 'My Dream Town' - Early Morning
I was then coming to the brow of a hill on what appeared to be the same street with AJR. It was early morning, as the sun had just risen. Downhill, it was still the kind of streets you would find just outside a city centre in London. AJR and I were going to a fair, which was a short distance away (I knew this was a traditional kind of 'seaside fair' that I have experienced in my childhood - again there was a feeling of nostalgia in this part of the dream, which was so lovely). We were going to get a taxi to the fair - which we were going to meet at a particular building, just down the hill - I am not sure what kind of building this was, but when we got there (very quickly), it was quite a battered looking building, with a large noticeboard with a lot of 'spiritual' or 'New Age' or 'Hardcore Rave culture' (from the 1980s/1990s) flyers, all overlapping each other, and falling off. They were all different colours, some very psychedelic in appearance - just like the aesthetic I associate with the late 1980s or early 1990s. The building was red brick, and there was a broad-ish doorstep which AJR and I were standing on while waiting for the taxi. I saw a number of cars pass on the street and everything seemed normal. I was now very excited to go to the fair and I knew it would be like re-living a particularly pleasurable experience of going to the fair previously (not sure if this was specifically a dream-generated memory of going to a fair on a hot summer day, or a real life memory of going to a fair in the same circumstances, as it felt quite generic, all I knew was it felt like it occurred in the 1990s, and again had that distinct nostalgic feel, although I cannot recall a concrete memory of which memory this would relate to, or if it is just a generalised pleasurable memory of summer fairs in my childhood). I knew that the fair was near the seaside because I thought that AJR and I could eat fish and chips and ice cream on the promenade and enjoy the seaside as well as the fair.

I woke up before I could finish this dream! I was disturbed again by the noise made by my cleaner, and I tried my hardest to return to this dream, but I just couldn't fall asleep. I visualised the dream, concentrating on it for what seemed like half an hour, before I gave up on attempting to dream-chain, but ti did help to consolidate my dream memory immediately upon waking! This was an amazing dream! I loved it. It made me feel so happy and positive in so many ways I cannot describe, some are so abstract and relate to so many weird personal memories and associations. This dream is much more complex than it appears on the surface and it felt significant.

Additional Notes:
  • On the day of this dream, I saw a man on the internet argue/supply statistics to prove pitbulls are a 'child murdering breed'
  • On the day of this dream I saw Jenna Marble's dog Kermit, who is a grey Italian Greyhound
  • On the day of this dream I had read a Facebook comment where a man had said 2 bats died in his basement and how he had managed to convince a female friend to clean one up for payment, but the smell was so bad she refused to help with the second one, so it was still down there
  • On the day of this dream, I had a telephone conversation with AJR where he said we should throw a hand grenade at his personal injury solicitors when he is released from prison
  • I often associate sycamore leaves and the word 'avenue' in my conscious mind, although this is one of a number of phenomena I cannot explain - I also associate the word and direction 'left' and the song 'Oranges and Lemons' - note that on getting the Wikipedia link for this song I've known since early childhood, I was reminded about the fact this song is about all the big bells that are located around the city of London, which seems pertinent in the context of this dream! 
  • Aphex Twin's music is also featured in Chris Morris work - the example I can point to off the top of my head is 'Windowlicker' (1999). Note that once - I would estimate in about 2002 - 2005, I cannot say for certain, I was in the Chelsea area (or had been, but was walking around casually with my ex-boyfriend SL, who knew the area, and therefore I wasn't paying attention to exactly where we were, but it was West London) - we went into a music/book shop and I saw there was a book about Chris Cunningham (the video director for many Aphex Twin tracks, and the main reason I knew of his work) there - I remember standing in the shop (which was very small and sophisticated and minimalist in keeping with the fancy area) and flicking through that book and discussing it with my ex-boyfriend
  • On the day of this dream I saw an Instagram image of a flyer from a party hosted by DJ Kool Herc (The famous 'Back to School Jam' of 1973, which took place at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue) - this event is heralded as being foundational in the promotion of early hip hop in The Bronx. New York). Note that when I went to the Wikipedia page for DJ Kool Herc, I noticed the location of the 'Back to School Jam' - Sedgwick Avenue. The day before this dream - around the time I saw the DJ Kool Herc flyer, I noticed I had been followed by an Edie Sedgwick (1943 - 1971) fan account - I only noticed this coincidence while writing up this dream record, although I would have seen the address of the Back to School Jam on the flyer, although I cannot consciously remember seeing it, or linking it to the fact the Edie Sedgwick account had - or a short while later - had followed me
  • On the day of this dream a man on Facebook had written a comment on a discussion thread on a food group, stating that eating fish with tomato ketchup was not acceptable anywhere. I reminded him it is normal to eat ketchup with fish and chips in the UK, even though I prefer tartare sauce, and lemon/vinegar on mine

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