Friday, 16 August 2019

Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiments

So far, I have made 10 Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiments videos for my Youtube channel, Tallulah La Ghash - you can access my introductory post by clicking on Quickshot Dream Incubations |  QDI#1. I am using this post to link all of my current Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiment videos to date, which you can find by scrolling down this page.

The concept behind this dream incubation challenge is that I regularly choose a thing - a location/place, object or person and then film a short video, uploaded onto my Youtube channel (see below where I have embedded the video for your ease of watching!) I give myself just 24 hours to see if my chosen/recorded 'thing' appears in my dreams. I then record my results, both on this Blog, and on my next Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiment video. 

Perhaps you might like to try this challenge yourself - watch my videos and see if you can incubate a dream using the thing you see! Don't worry if you are not following along with this challenge contemporaneous to the date I have uploaded these videos - even if you watch them at some point in the future, I'd be fascinated to know if any of my 'dream triggers' happen to influence your dream content after watching a Quickshot Dream Incubation Experiment video. Let me know your results! 💗

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