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'Chippenwood Bow'
Dream date: 6 August 2015 (Afternoon Nap)
The first part of my dream is not recalled - although I remember it was all in black/white/grey tones and I thought this was odd while in the dream itself. I thought: 'I never have black and white dreams'. This is the only memory I have of this dream scene - that there was no colour and I was able to recognise I was experiencing a different kind of dream than normal (I was Pre-Lucid or Semi-Lucid).

I then saw a house which was 2 storeys high and narrow. There were no surrounding houses. It was made of red brick and looked like a typical 'new build' starter home which you tend to see on many housing estates in the UK. There was a sense of emptiness looking at this house. I have created a visual representation of the house, below.

It was daylight and everything was very yellow, as if this was in the desert or a sandy area. I did not feel as if I was part of the dream scene or in this dream environment, it was more like I was looking at an image from a distance - viewing it remotely. I was telling someone (unseen) that I needed to find a name for this house and was thinking of options. I then 'realised' (suddenly) that the house was in London. I kept thinking of the name 'Saltham', which is a fictional town/city I devised for my (real-life) novel (which has a dreaming theme). I then reminded myself that 'Saltham' is not in London, so this house was not part of my fictional town/city. I started thinking about my novel and the fact that my main character needed a fictional part of London to visit (this is not actually true of my novel - my main character does not visit London and I had no plan to write a scene where she does). It then occurred to me that the house was called 'Chippenwood Bow' (I do not know what this phrase relates to or whether I have heard of it before). This dream scene was speech/thought-based with no action or movement.

I then had a false awakening. There was no sleep paralysis or anything to indicate it was a false awakening. In the false awakening, my bedroom seemed normal, as it does in real-life, although it was much darker than it should have been, which I did not acknowledge at the time, as I had taken an afternoon nap when it was light, but had not set an alarm clock to wake me, so had no notion of what time it might be. I looked at my mobile and noticed that it was 22:00 hours (when I actually woke up later, it was 21:13 hours, so this confirmed the false awakening. I also had a text from PS - which was sent around about 21:00 hours, and probably woke me up). I then heard voices of children outside my window - I am not sure if they were really there and I heard them through my sleep or whether they were part of my dream.

I then entered another dream scene. In this scene there was something happening involving me, other dream characters and some suitcases or boxes. I cannot recall any of this in any detail, so it remains hazy and mainly forgotten. In the midst of this forgotten action, I was kneeling in front of my wardrobe in my bedroom in Norwich. I was looking for any cannabis which might be in the wardrobe. My wardrobe had a wooden shelf, about a foot of so from the floor. This is not there in real-life. On the shelf there were small pieces of hash, which I was collecting, hoping there would be enough to roll a joint with. I then saw there was some cannabis (skunk) wrapped in some cellophane, but only a tiny bit. I was fiddling around with these small fragments of cannabis/hash while talking to someone (an unseen or unrecalled - not sure which) dream character who was in my room. I unwrapped the cannabis from the cellophane and noticed that there was much more than I had first thought. It seemed to get bigger before my eyes

I cannot remember anything else about this dream.

TIME: 18:30 - 22:00 hours (I think this dream happened towards the end of my sleep, based on the above observations)
LUCIDITY: YES - Pre/Semi-Lucid as I was able to recognise (partially) that there was something odd about me dreaming in black and white. I did not recognise the false awakening, however

Dream Information:
None of note

  • I knew it was odd that I dreamed in black and white (IA - Inner Awareness)
  • The house in the desert-like location was actually in 'London' (IA - Inner Awareness/F - Form)
  • My wardrobe had a shelf (F - Form)
  • The cannabis grew in size while I was looking at it (A - Action/F- Form)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • Suitcases/boxes
  • Cannabis
  • My wardrobe

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
None of note

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream left me with a weird feeling - it wasn't experienced the same way as my 'normal' dreams - there was a feeling of remoteness and disconnection and this left me with a sense of unease and incompleteness. The best way to describe it is that something was left unresolved in the dream and I feel as if I forgot some important or significant aspects of the final scene which might shed some light as to why I woke up thinking this. I was quite depressed when I woke up from this dream - and I assume it was as a result of dream residue.

* I am aware that I have forgotten some aspects of this dream, but if I recall them, I will record them below.

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