Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dream 473

'The Smell of Vomit'
Dream date: 13 August 2015

Scene 1: A Canteen/Dining Hall - Time Unknown
I was in a canteen which had rows of long tables filled with dream characters eating. I was sitting at one of the tables closest to the wall and opposite me were HF and SW (ex-colleagues from the law firm I formerly worked at). We were eating and I was worried whether HF and SW judged me for leaving work. My mum came and joined us and I felt relieved as she would back me up if HF and SW said anything negative to me. However, we all seemed to be getting on well and chatting. Suddenly a large group of male dream characters dressed in business suits entered the canteen. They were all very drunk. They were falling into tables and disrupting the dream characters who were eating. I saw that the tables were also piled with lots of dirty plates and cups/glasses and looked a complete mess. The drunk businessmen were knocking the dirty plates to the ground and causing them to smash. My mum said: 'Let's go, it smells of vomit in here!' I was aware one of the males had vomited, but I could not see/smell it myself. I was pleased to leave the chaotic environment.

Scene 2: A Road - Day
I was standing outside, on a pavement alongside a long, straight road. On the other side of the pavement were hedgerows. It looked like a typical suburban residential street. At one end of the road - about 100 yards away was my friend, LMD. N the Dog was by my side and ran towards LMD, excitedly. LMD looked afraid of the dog. I said: 'N is going to help LMD get over his fear of dogs!'

Scene 3: My Nan's House in Sheringham/An Outside Wall - Time Unknown
I was then sitting at the dining table in my nan's house in Sheringham. I was looking at a laptop screen and I was aware that I was waiting for my mum so that we could watch a movie together. The movie was a weird re-make of Alice in Wonderland/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although the storyline was completely changed and most of the characters were monsters. I was getting impatient and called out for my mum to hurry up. I then saw her - but without leaving the lounge in my nan's, I was able to see an outside scene, as if there were no walls in the house. In this outside scene - which is not a location I know from real-life). This outside scene was located where the airing cupboard/boiler would be. There was a huge grey wall with a navy door to the right. My mum appeared from 'around the corner' of the wall (I did not see the corner of the wall at first). She said: 'I can't come yet, I'm working!' She was wearing a navy apron. She ran along the wall and walked through the navy door, which was the entrance to her 'workplace'. I felt disappointed that we could not watch the movie together. 

Scene 4: Outside/Near Beach - Day
I was then in an outside location, close to a beach. It was a sunny day. It may have been that this location was in fact Sheringham. There were some wooden benches and I was sitting on one, opposite another, on which NN was seated. She was reclining on the bench and there were other dream characters present. We were all in conversation (I cannot recall what we talked about). Some male dream characters (known to me in the dream, but unrecalled) were present and I felt they were giving NN more attention than me. It seemed as though we were our younger selves

I then had some photographs in my hand and I was looking at them. These photographs had been taken from an old non-digital camera, and it seemed to me that they were several years old. The photographs showed NN and I sitting together on a wooden bench, similar to the ones we were now sitting on. I was wearing blue skinny jeans and a white low-cut camisole top with pink and green birds/flowers on it (which I actually own in real-life). I looked much slimmer than I actually am - my legs were very long and slim rather than short/thick as they are in real-life. While looking at these photographs, I thought: 'I could use these photographs to illustrate this dream scene when I record it on my Blog'. These photographs do not exist in real-life.

TIME: 04:45 - 12:30 hours (I am note sure when this dream took place)
LUCIDITY: PRE-LUCID - In the dream I was aware that I would be recording the dream scene on this Blog, which assumes that I was aware I was dreaming - however, I did not become lucid as I accepted the scene/photographs as being reality at the same time I was thinking about illustrating the dream. This is a strange, paradoxical situation, hence I would describe it as a pre-lucid state. It was definitely not a lucid dream.
SPECIAL NOTES: None of note

Dream Information:

  • I left work due to a prolonged episode of impaired mental health due to my bipolar disorder. I had been suffering from severe anxiety, stress, panic attacks and general anxiety which made working impossible - especially since my boss was unsupportive/discriminatory

  • I could see an outside scene while still in my nan's house (C - Context/F - Form)
  • NN and I were our younger selves - possibly late teenage years (IA - Inner Awareness)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • NN as a dream character

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
None of note

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
The weird situation of me referring to the recording of a dream while in the dream, but not becoming fully lucid was interesting!

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