Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dream 470

'Everyone's a Hater, Except Jay-Z'
Dream date: 7 August 2015
I am returning to my former method of dream reporting, where I break dreams down into separate, labelled dream scenes.

Scene 1: 'Cromer Road, Sheringham/Broadway, New York', -Dusk/Night
I was in NYC - I think I was on some kind of school/university trip, but had walked off on my own. The road I was on was apparently 'Broadway' but it was a composite of Broadway (where I have actually visited many years ago) and Cromer Road, in Sheringham. I was walking towards the town and was nearly at the Tescos store, when I turned around and looked at the opposite side of the road. I saw Jay-Z, who had been riding a bicycle, but had stopped (he was sitting on the bike, with his feet on the floor). He was turned around, watching me and I was aware he was attracted to me and was pleased, because he is one of my favourite musicians. I kept turning round to look at him and saw he was constantly looking back at me. I saw there were different buildings - taller ones than are present on Cromer Road - making the scene appear to be a composite of the small town and the big city at once. I noticed there were other dream characters (pedestrians) and cars in this scene, which I do not think I noticed at first. 

Scene 2: My Bedroom, Norwich - Time Unknown

I was in my bedroom in Norwich with my academic supervisor, IE, who is a youngish man, although older than I am. We were sitting on my bed, discussing something to do with my PhD thesis. I mentioned Muslim women being subjected to 'acid attacks' and my supervisor stood up and started shouting that I was 'a Republican'. I said that I was a left-wing liberal and British (i.e. not a right-wing American) and we engaged in a heated argument. IE was stood by my desk/window, gesticulating at me (i.e. waving his hands and pointing) and his voice was raised throughout. I was unable to passify him or change his mind about me. I felt both angry and affronted by my supervisor's behaviour and accusations towards me. I decided the best thing to do would be to contact my university and ask them to give me a new supervisor on the basis that my relationship with IE had broken down beyond repair.

Scene 3: A Posh Party in a Mansion with a Large Garden - Dusk/Night
I was then in a party which was held in a house with a massive ballroom. The ballroom was crowded with dream characters, all of whom were wearing formal black-tie dress and masquerade masks covering half of their faces. Most of the female dream characters were dressed in white or pale coloured ball gowns. Classical music was playing. Everyone was drinking from champagne flutes. I wandered around the ballroom and then decided to go outside. In the garden, I could see it was dusk. The garden was just one massive lawn with some lights, which looked like street lamps. There was a structure in the garden, which looked like a flight of stairs - although this led to nowhere and I could not see what was at the top. Underneath these stairs were some dream characters, sat on the grass. With them was DL. I knew all of these persons, even though I cannot recall who the other dream characters were. DL was saying to me: 'Where are the party tickets?' and he seemed angry. I am not sure if I replied or just walked off. 

I went back inside the ballroom and DL eventually came up to me. He was saying that the party was rubbish as there were not enough guests there (there seemed to be lots of guests there!). He was moaning at me and seemed to blame me for him not having a good time. I was annoyed at his behaviour and felt he was being unfair and ignorant. It transpired that I had 2 tickets to the party and he wanted to buy them from me for £15. He was reluctant (because the party was 'rubbish') and I was keen to sell them. DL then bought the tickets (which were A4 pieces of paper) from me. I decided to go back to Broadway, New York to try and find Jay-Z. I was planning to seduce him.

Scene 4: Broadway, New York - Night
I was in a car, although I am not sure who was driving. We were on Broadway, New York, but this time it looked much more like it does from memory (I have been there before) and from media images I have seen of it. I was looking out of the car window to try and spot Jay-Z. I eventually saw him standing by the side of the road with some male dream characters who were his friends. I was excited and knew Jay-Z would be pleased to see me. 

I woke up.

TIME: 03:00 - 10:30 hours (this dream took place just before I woke up)

Dream Information:

  • My PhD thesis is on 'third-party child anonymity' - it is about how human rights (privacy and freedom of expression/open justice) are balanced in cases where a child will suffer significant social or psychological harm if the media published details of their parents who are suspected/charged or convicted of serious criminal offences

  • Cromer Road in Sheringham was experienced as Broadway in New York (C - Context/ F - Form)
  • I saw Jay-Z and he fancied me (C - Context)
  • I would never sit on my bed with my academic supervisor and the conversation we had in the dream would never take place in real-life (IA - Inner Awareness/C - Context)
  • Strange structure like a flight of stairs (F - Form)
  • I was able to get to Broadway, New York, without having to travel there by crossing the Atlantic (A - Action)

Recurrent Dream Themes:
None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:
  • On 28 July 2015 I wrote a Facebook status about how I think Jay-Z is becoming more attractive with age
  • The Republican Party has been in the news a lot recently due to publicity relating to the campaigns ahead of the US Elections in 2016. I oppose everything the American Republican Party represents
  • On 5 August 2015 I had a meeting with my supervisor in which we discussed politics - namely how the Conservative Party want to repeal the Human Rights Act 1998, which will render my PhD thesis more difficult since I am analysing cases decided under this piece of legislation

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream confused me for 2 reasons; the fact that I saw a dream scene location which was a composite of Cromer Road, Sheringham and Broadway, NYC - which look nothing alike; and the scene with my supervisor, IE. I found the latter aspect of this dream quite unsettling, as I have never had a disagreement with my supervisor before and in the dream he was accusing me of holding a political opinion/stance which is ideologically opposed to my own (I am anti-gun ownership, pro-choice, believe in a complete separation of church and state, and advocate complete equality for all, irrespective of race/ethnicity, gender, orientation etc). 

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