Sunday, 8 May 2016

Dream 621

Dream date: 6 May 2016

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Evening
I was in a large house, where the lights were dim - with a hazy blue sensation. The house had tall white walls and seemed to be like a mansion. There was no visible furniture in the building - all the rooms seemed to be bare. I was with some (unrecalled) dream characters, who were my friends in the dream. We were in one very spacious, empty room, when something made me go to the front door, which had a security chain on it. I opened the door with the chain still across it, and a big gang of men - some white, some brown and some black (so all races/ethnicities) started to try and violently push the door open so they could get into the building. They were shouting at me, but I cannot recall what they were saying, but I knew that this was a dangerous situation. I was trying to push the door shut, exerting a lot of force, but the men were pushing harder. I was joined by one of the dream character friends, who helped me push the door, and eventually we managed to force it shut. I locked the door with a deadlock. We went back to the room we had been in, and we discussed calling the police. We then heard the door get broken down (and were aware this was the same violent gang of men). I told the dream character friends that we needed to escape, or hide, because there was not time to call the police. I thought (or was aware) the men had guns. We ran down a dark corridor, and could hear the men chasing behind us, but they were not yet in sight. When we came to the end of the corridor, my friends and I entered another large white-walled, but empty room with no lights on. We discussed whether we should call the police now, but for some reason I was confident that the gang of men would not find us, and eventually leave us alone. 

Scene 2: Exterior Scene - Day
I saw N the Dog, laying on his side on some grass, wearing a coloured neckerchief/bandana around his neck, instead of a collar. I was worried he was hurt or dead. PS was next to me, and he told me I could never see N again. I felt sad and frustrated. 

Scene 3: My Bedroom in my Nan's House, Sheringham - Day
I was in my Nan's house in Sheringham, in my bedroom. This room used to have 2 single beds in it in real-life. It only has one in there now, but in the dream, there were still 2 beds. I was sitting on my bed and DL was sitting on the other one, opposite me. He was asking me if I had 'gone to Colombialand with RBA'. I was denying this, even though I knew I had gone to Colombialand. I left the room, and went into a different one,  but I am not sure what room this was, as I did not notice any specific details. RBA was there. He was wearing a white T-shirt. He told me that I should 'admit I went to Colombialand with him' and I was saying that it was unnecessary and I did not want people to think badly of me. RBA said if I didn't confess to going to Colombialand, he would just make it public knowledge, so I agreed that I would confess to it. 

Scene 4: A Warzone, Location Unknown - Day
I was a passive-observer in this dream scene. The warzone was full of rubble and trash, smashed cars, broken machinery, dirt etc. People were climbing over it, running from something in the distance. The sky was grey and menacing. I saw a male and a female coming towards me, climbing over the bricks, mortar and twisted metal. Sand or smoke was in the air, obscuring a clear view. I was aware that the male was SS's brother (I am not sure if he has a brother in real-life) and MK (an American girl who is on my Facebook friends list - she works as a cam girl and I find her extremely interesting as a person, plus I like looking at her). Ss's 'brother' was clutching a piece of paper in his hand. The 2 of them managed to get over a barbed wire fence which was just in front of me, and escape to safety. 

Scene 5: My Bedroom, Norwich - Day
I was in my own bedroom in my house, sitting on my bed. My Mum was sitting at my desk and 2 dream characters was standing to her right side (I am not sure who these DCs were). SS was kneeling to my Mum's left, showing her 2 mobile phones, asking her to select one of them. I invited SS onto the bed with me. We stated undressing and engaging in foreplay and I was very aroused and wanted to have sex with him. He was laying facing me, on the outer edge of my bed. The 2 dream characters (who were not my Mum) were saying that we should not be doing this (the sexual acts), but I ignored them and didn't care what they thought. I was running my hand down the side of SS's body (his top was off) and I was aware that he was ready to have full sexual intercourse with me, but as he was about to mount me, I woke up.

TIME: 03:00 - 07:30 hours (I woke up from this dream, due my phone vibrating due to a Facebook notification)

Dream Information:

  • None of note

  • I would say the entire dream was full of dreamsigns - every scene was a dreamsign

Recurrent Dream Themes:
  • None of note

Potential Day/Dream Residue:

  • Many years ago, when I lived with PS in London, a gang of young men from our estate tried to break in to our house to rob us. They had a gun, but I think it was a replica, to scare us. We had to force the door shut, and although we were safe inside the house, a scuffle broke out on the driveway between PS's friend (who saw the incident and came to help) and members of the gang, resulting in damage to PS's sister's car. We did not call the police, because that would make matters worse. The day of this dream I had been thinking about the fact PS and I are not currently speaking to each other and I had also been in (online) conversation with PS's friend (FK) who lived on the same estate (I contacted him following an earlier dream in which he appeared) - this may also be the reason why I dreamed of PS and N the Dog in the second scene of this dream
  • A couple of days before this dream I was contacted online by someone who was called 'Colombiangirls' 
  • The day of this dream I spoke to RBA on Skype
  • I have recently started working as a 'cam girl' to earn some extra money - I use the same webcam site as MK does
  • Shortly before this dream I was watching CinemaSins (I cannot recall which movie was being reviewed) and there was a scene where there was a pile of trashed cars and rubble. I also watched the review of Terminator Salvation (2009) - which has similar imagery
  • I speak to SS practically every day - also see Daily Key Triggers 26/4/2016 (My American Friend, SS)

Waking Thoughts & Emotions:
This dream was so vivid and memorable, and also frustrating, because I was about to have dream sex, and then I woke up prematurely. When I woke up, I felt very aroused and this feeling lasted all day. 

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