Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dream 622

'Trump's Bridesmaid'
Date: 8 May 2016
Time: 21:00 - 02:45 (I woke up from this dream - naturally)
Type of dream: Normal/non-lucid
Dream recall: Strong recall of vivid dream

Scene 1: A Hotel (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was with HL (my ex-boyfriend) and I was aware members of my family were present. We were in a hotel - for the wedding ceremony of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. I am not sure who he was marrying. I was the bridesmaid for this wedding. I was surprised that I was wearing such casual clothing - I was wearing jeans and a red plaid shirt. As we had time before the wedding ceremony, which was taking place in a downstairs room which looked like my high school canteen, decorated with bright pink floral displays (where the stage would be in the high school canteen), HL and I decided to go to an upstairs room. This room was well-lit with yellow light, and had large windows on the wall opposite the door. There was not much furniture in the room - I recall a table, and a shelf, which was on the same wall as the door. On this shelf, which was shoulder-height, there was a small stereo. HL said that he wanted me to listen to a song on the stereo. The song was The song was 'Kill Screen' (2013) by Jean Grae - a song I really love in real life. I was telling him that I already knew and liked the song. HL then started to roll a spliff. Donald Trump then entered the room and told us that we could not smoke weed at the wedding. However, he came over to me and told me that I was 'still his favourite bridesmaid'. I was aware that everyone was waiting for me downstairs.

Downstairs, there was a dark foyer, with a service desk against the far wall, which was a very narrow space. My Nan was sitting behind the desk, and other members of my family were standing around it. I joined them. My Nan was saying that she would 'never talk to JM [my stepbrother - my stepfather's only son, who is the same age as me, but estranged from my family due to the influence of his mother and wife]. I thought it was odd that she was expressing this, as she didn't really ever speak to him anyway [in real life].

Scene 2: A Train/Bus (Location Unknown) - Day
I was then on public transport - a bus or a train. Sitting across the aisle from me was a middle-aged woman with dyed red hair, who seemed to have a Scottish accent. I asked her if she was from Glasgow, and she said that she was. I stood up, and leaning over her, started to tell her about an incident which where a well-known local 'celebrity chef' - I will refer to as Mr Singh - had been spotted by a middle-aged woman staying in the same hotel as me - she requested a photograph together. While I took the photograph on her mobile phone, he sexually assaulted her by sticking his tongue into her mouth against her will. I was trying to say 'Spring Quays' to the middle-aged dream character I was telling this story to, but I could not pronounce it, nor remember the first name of 'Mr Singh' (Singh happens to be the last name of my ex-boyfriend, PS).

Scene 3: An Interior Scene (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was then in an interior scene which had long booth-style seating and tables, making it look like a bar or restaurant. The tables were covered with baby clothes and products, I realised I had a baby son. CEC was with me - and she also had a baby son. We were each holding our babies, which were wrapped in blankets and seemed to be newborns. CEC's baby had bright turquoise eyes, which made me look closer at my own baby, hoping that his eyes would be equally beautiful and unusual in colour. My son had extremely white skin and deep sapphire blue eyes. Both babies had the largest, roundest eyes - they looked like marbles and were really unusual. I was trying to decide which eye colour was the prettiest. My Mum was sitting next to me and was telling me how best to care for the baby, which I felt surprised to have - like it was the first time I realised I was a mother! I saw my ex-boyfriend, SL standing a short distance away, beside another table. I wondered if he was the father of my son, but I was confused as SL has dark brown skin and I am half-Asian - but the baby was very pale white with those blue eyes! Not that CEC's husband is Asian - which means her baby also did not resemble a mixed-race child.

I then walked over to a cupboard, which was side-mounted, so it protruded into the room at about shoulder-height. In the dream, the room I was in was part of a family home I lived in with my parents. It was a large house, with long corridors and an open-plan lounge area, which I now could see was the part of the room I had been in with my Mum, CEC, the babies and SL. I could see through to a kitchen (the door to the kitchen was open) and my stepdad was in there, using the oven. I started looking through the cupboard, which was huge and filled with my clothes - but clothes I would not wear on a daily basis. Some of the clothes were sparkly or gold. I was thinking whether I should throw them away or save them, as in the dream they were 'my favourite clothes'. I realised I had a responsibility to my son, and shouldn't be so obsessed with keeping clothes I would not have an opportunity to wear if I was staying at home to look after a baby. My Mum then shouted over (from the original booth seating I had been in a moment earlier) and said: 'I'll take care of the baby for you...' This made me feel relieved. 

Extra Information: None of  note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • Ex-boyfriends as dream characters

  • I was a bridesmaid for Donald Trump
  • I was speaking to my ex-boyfriend HL
  • CEC and I both had baby sons

Day Residue:
  • Donald Trump received saturated publicity via the media/social media every single day - you cannot avoid him!
  • I had seen HL's brother post a status on Facebook the day of this dream
  • I had been thinking about the Jean Grae track a day or so before this dream - in response to a status I saw one of my Facebook friends post about female hip hop artists
  • I had been talking to RBA the day before this dream
  • I had seen CEC post (on Facebook) a photograph of her recently-deceased (under very tragic circumstances) father holding her as a newborn baby - and write a heartfelt status about her feelings. When CEC visited me recently we discussed children and how I do not have maternal urges. CEC has 2 children who do not live with her, and we discussed them
  • The eye colour of the babies matched the colour of Uranus (turquoise) and Neptune (blue) - the order I noticed the colour, my inability to decide which was the most attractive, and the round quality of the eyes made me think that this part of the dream was influenced by my Daily Key Triggers 2/5/2016 (Uranus & Neptune)
  • I was made aware I would have to temporarily move out of my house over the summer for renovation works to be done - as a result, the idea of packing up clothing was on my mind
  • SL's mum had a spice cupboard which extended out of the wall into the room - him appearing in the dream may have influenced me seeing a cupboard like this

Waking Reactions:
This was a complex, vivid and enjoyable dream.

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