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Dream 639 (Multi-level Dream-within-a-Dream)

Date: 26 May 2016
Time: 13:00 - 17:00 (I woke up from this dream due to a my alarm clock, I had a telephone conversation with DL - I then fell back asleep until approximately 21:00, waking up naturally)
Type of dream: Vivid dream - dream-within-a-dream
Dream recall: Strong recall - some loss of recall due to falling back asleep after a brief wakening following parts of this dream

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Day
I was in a room which appeared to be similar to my bedroom in my former childhood home in Pine Grove, Sheringham - but with a double bed positioned under the window, as it had been in a previous dream. DL was sitting at the top of the bed and telling me that we could leave when he had finished playing a game. He was holding a silver laptop and showed me an online fruit machine game, which you could earn real money with if you won. DL said that his target was to win £40 so that we could but some weed. I thought that we might be going somewhere, as I was anticipating that we had to leave soon, and DL was taking time. After waiting for another period of time, some of it spent watching DL play, and tell me what buttons he was going to press (the laptop was seen to be a touch-screen at this point, as this was how you press/held the buttons of the fruit machine down). He then said to me: 'I've got £32 now, so I'll be finished soon.

Sitting in a lounge, just to the side of some sofas (orange) on which some middle-aged female dream characters (unknown to me) were sitting, I was told by some of these females - in a patronising manner: 'You've been androided'. I saw silverness (in some form).

I cannot recall anything else about this dream - and woke from an alarm clock. 15 minute phone conversation with DL. I then fell asleep again.

Scene 2: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Day
I was looking at something on social media. My friend, BS had somehow become very famous. It seemed that he and KL had separated (but we were all our younger selves - BS and KL did not have children yet, plus there were more clues to this, later). He was searching for the ideal lipstick for his new partner, who was a blonde girl (a dream character) who was (in the dream) in his year at school, so slightly older than both KL and I. He had written a Facebook status, asking people on his friends list to help him with the lipstick search. I wrote a response, saying that I had just watched Grav3yardgirl's review of some chocolate-themes lipglosses on Youtube and could recommend them, since it seemed he was looking for a pink/brown nude-toned lipstick. 

I then realised that this entire scene - me seeing BS post on social media about the lipstick was a dream. It had not happened, but it was a recent dream. I then assumed that this dream of BS and the search for the lipstick must have happened in Scene 1 - the dream scene which happened prior to me waking up in real life and speaking to DL on the phone. 

I thought: 'I better write this down in my Dream Journal so that I can blog it...' but then realised that BS was famous, and had separated from KL - so therefore, even in my dream-within-a-dream, the facts which had led me to conclude the earlier events must have been a dream, because they were dreamsigns - i.e. events I know to be untrue in real waking life were actually present  and true in this part of the dream, and I was not prompted to reality check, so accepted them as reality! 

BS - I am not sure what he was famous for, exactly - was hosting an event locally, to promote something, or perhaps to speak to his fans. I decided to go to this event, and tell him in person about my dream of him. I thought that I should also describe the dream to him on Facebook - on the post about the lipstick search, which had apparently been part of  'the dream' - my whole motivation for communicating with BS at this point was to convey the 'dream' I had of him, but the facts of that 'dream' were the truth of this next-level dream, making the events of this dream sequence possible...(I know this is confusing!) 

Scene 3: A Shopping Centre (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I went to a shopping centre, where BS was doing his public appearance. BS was standing at a small display which had both a touchscreen monitor, showing the Facebook status about the lipsticks and also a poster of several lipsticks in pink/brown nude tones. I realised that I had neither replied to BS's Facebook thread about my dream of him, or recorded the dream on my Dream Journal. BS was surrounded by several dream characters who were his 'fans'. I approached him and said: 'I had a dream about you. The dream was the same as what is happening now, but I forgot to write it down in my Dream Journal'. I then looked at the screen (the Facebook status/conversation thread about the lipsticks) and scrolled through until I found my original message about the chocolate-themed lipglosses reviewed by Grav3yardgirl (which I had sent in 'the dream' - paragraph 1 of Scene 2). I pointed it out to BS and said: 'See this is the comment I wrote to you in the dream I had about you doing this'. BS seemed amused by this and said that he wanted me to be able to record it in my Dream Journal so that he could read it. I said: 'I could just record it on your Facebook conversation thread' and tried to access my own Facebook account on my mobile phone, so that I could reply to BS's Facebook status (I was aware that the Facebook screen being displayed on the monitor was logged into BS's account, so I could not comment directly using that screen). BS said: 'No, if you write about it on Facebook, it'll just be part of the dream, you need to write it in real life'. My mobile phone screen then got stuck, I could not scroll or exit the crashed Facebook screen. 

To my left, sitting on the floor, just behind BS's display were 2 female dream characters. One of them was slim with straight blonde hair to her shoulders. I am not sure what the other one looked like, but she had dark hair. The blonde girl said: 'What are you doing talking to BS?' in a jealous/accusational tone, which implied I had some kind of bad motive. I then realised that she was BS' new girlfriend - the person he had been trying to find the perfect shade of lipstick for. I said: 'I had a dream about the lipsticks, so I came to tell BS about it. In the dream I was helping him to find your lipstick...' The blonde girl seemed content at this explanation and said: 'Was your dream the same as this one?' to which I said: 'No, my phone screen froze' (meaning: my phone screen froze now (in this second-level dream, which I was not conscious of), but in the original 'dream' I was able to comment on Facebook). The girl summonsed me over to join her and her friend, indicating that she could help me with my phone. 

She started trying to scroll on my phone. Instead of the page moving up and down, it moved side-to-side. I noticed that on one page which she managed to scroll to the left onto (also a Facebook page), there was water on the screen, which appeared out of nowhere. I wondered what the water was (questioning if it was 'spit'), but the girl wiped it away with her hand and turned and laughed at her friend. I said: 'If you fix the phone, I will show you that I wrote about the lipsticks on my Facebook in my dream about this'. However, the girls did not seem interested, so I decided to leave. 

Before I left, I started to play a computer-based game - I am not sure if it was arcade or console, but it involved making selections of golden boxes on a screen and had the word 'Vegas' involved somewhere (either the name of the game, or within the game itself). I knew I was just wasting time between now and when I would be able to go somewhere else, as I 'didn't want to be early' (I am not sure what I was supposed to be doing).

Scene 4: A Commercial Kitchen, which was apparently in The Two Lifeboats Hotel, Sheringham (Day)
I then went to The Two Lifeboats Hotel, where my Mum used to be the manager and chef. She was working in the kitchen, as was KL and a number of other members of staff. The kitchen was much smaller and a different shape. The stainless steel counters were in an L-shape, and then there was a small recessed area with a large fridge and some crates/boxes stacked next to it. I approached KL and we went to the back of the kitchen, beside the fridge. It was apparent that KL and I were our teenaged selves again - around the age we would have been when we both worked for my Mum. I often used to think my Mum favoured other staff over me, treating me more harshly so that she wasn't accused of nepotism. This used to annoy me. 

I told KL about seeing BS after having the dream about him. The way I described it was as if I was telling her I had predicted all the events - including their relationship breakdown and his subsequent relationship with the blonde - in the earlier dream, which led me to going to meet BS and realising the dream was true. KL then started to explaining what went wrong in the relationship to me. She was upset and angry about it, blaming BS and saying (unrecalled) things about how he had ruined her life and how she hated his new girlfriend, who she confirmed was in the year above us at school. I said I did not remember her from school and KL said: 'She was friends with the parasol lot' (I do not know what this means, but in the dream I knew it meant a particular clique). 

I then saw JGH (my ex-boyfriend's younger sister, who would be a teenager now). She was carrying an ice cream tub containing something else, which she wanted to put in the fridge. KL and I were standing in her way, just in front of where the fridge door would open. KL said to me (whispering): 'It all went wrong when she started working here, because she flirts with everyone and gets her own way'. This surprised me, because it seemed out of character for JGH. I expressed either surprise or doubt (given I lived with JGH for a number of years when she was a child/young teenager and I was in a relationship with her older brother). KL said: 'She did it all under the umbrellas, so you didn't see'. I accepted this and walked over to my Mum, who was by the stainless steel counters, where there were also some deep fat fryers.

I said to my Mum 'Can I have some shifts?' to which my Mum said: 'No'. I said: 'What about in the morning?' but she told me she already had enough employees and couldn't employ me in the kitchen. I was annoyed by this. Suddenly the kitchen looked more like the kitchen my Mum used to work in in the pub across the road, The Crown. I noticed the change within the dream itself, and wondered how I had not realised that the kitchen was a composite of 2 different pub kitchens. My Mum said: 'You can have a job doing the hotel admin, part-time'. She emphasised the 'part-time' and I noticed this. I said: 'I can't do the maths' to which my Mum said: 'No, you'll just be writing the letters'. I was pleased by this job, but wondered why my Mum's friend, CC who was the hotel secretary was no longer doing this job. I saw a vision of a filing cabinet full of paperwork which needed to be worked through, because it had been ignored and stuffed into the filing cabinet. I realised that the part-time admin job would actually be quite challenging given the amount of unreplied correspondence. 

I asked my Mum if the admin job was 'minimum wage' and she said that it would be. 

Scene 5: Earlham Road, Norwich - Dusk
The scene then immediately changed to Earlham Road, Norwich, at dusk, I had just exited the university campus and was walking in the direction of the Tescos garage. I calculated in my head that if I did at least 20 hours a week at minimum wage in the admin job for my Mum, my weekly wage would be quite lucrative and I felt pleased with myself. 

There were some more events of this dream, which I have forgotten.

Scene 6: Location Unknown - Night
I then was outside - I know I was, because the background was the night's sky, with stars shining. There were a couple of dream characters (unseen, but male and known to be involved with fashion or media somehow). We were watching a 3-dimensional hologram of my head - no body - floating in mid-air. The hologram was about 5 times bigger than my actual head and was quite faint - you could see the starry sky through it slightly. The head was rotating, slowly, and I was able to see that I had a very crooked nose - it was hooked at the top. I wondered how my nose had become so crooked, as I knew it should be straight. One of the men - both of whom were reviewing my face, for a purpose unrecalled or unclear to me - said: 'It's a Persian hook'. He said his like he admired it and thought this was attractive, which confused me, as I thought my nose now looked very ugly. The other man agreed with him. I wished my nose looked like it should (in real life), even if this meant that no-one else found me attractive anymore, or preferred the 'Persian hook nose'.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream at present, but some memories may come back to me at a later stage.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • My former childhood home at Pine Grove, Sheringham as a dreamscene location - bedroom appearing different from real life, but similar to its altered appearance in an earlier dream
  • Changed appearance

  • We were in my former childhood home, with its appearance altered in the same way it had been in a previous recent dream
  • The scheme to make money from an online fruit machine game to buy cannabis
  • The events surrounding BS & KL - younger selves, different biographical events, unlikely dream actions
  • The false memories of a 'dream' in the dream-within-a-dream situation, which should have prompted me to reality check, since my perception of dreams/reality were confused in such a complex manner here
  • The events of Scenes 2 & 3 generally
  • Rooms changed in appearance, which I was able to notice within the dream
  • My appearance was changed

Day Residue: 
  • The day before this dream I watched an episode of Peep Show (E52 - S09E04 'Mole-Mapping') - Super Hans tells Jeremy of a 'gastropub' where he goes to clean out the fruit machines as a form of income - scenes of him playing on the fruit machine
  • I had been watching the CinemaSins videos on the Star Wars series (1977 - 2015) - partially to see Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy - 1999 - 2005, without having to actually watch the movies in full. Strangely, given I don't really like many movies or going to the cinema (that's why I prefer to watch movie trailers or comedy reviews), I realised I had watched the first 6 Star Wars movies in the cinema - with SL. The original trilogy was remastered and then re-released in cinemas to create excitement for the release of the prequel trilogy. The Star Wars prequels were quite confusing to me at the time (I didn't appreciate the so-bad-they-are-good way of viewing them back then), so that is quite a feat of endurance for me to have actually seen the entire series in the cinema!
  • BS is a massive Star Wars fan. He is local to my home town and used to work for my Mum at the Two Lifeboats Hotel in Sheringham, as did his girlfriend, KL, who was a popular and successful girl in my year at school. BS was slightly older than KL and I, and they had been dating since they were teenagers. They have subsequently married and had 2 children - so are the precise illustration of the 'childhood sweethearts' ideal
  • The day before this dream, DL and I had been discussing how there were always a select number of very attractive girls during high school and what this is like from a female/male perspective - given I had opened the conversation by saying that I blossomed into my looks fairly late in life (20s) and am considered more objectively attractive now, as an adult, than I had been as a teenager - KL was attractive as a teenager (blonde haired, blue eyed, slim)
  • Just before this dream I had watched a Grav3yardgirl video on Youtube, where she tested some  chocolate-themes lip glosses
  • Just before this dream, I was reading Jay Z's lyrics on the remix version Fat Joe's new track 'All the Way Up' - which are a response to wife Beyonce's Lemonade (2016) - 'You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions / Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is / Survival of the lit-est / N****s who really up vs. n****s up in your business'
  • I am currently writing a poetry collection, Cherryade, which deals with my very chaotic romantic/sexual life and the impact my relationships with men have had on my subsequent relationships with men and my own sexual identity. This involves a lot of reflection on the past, right back to my teenage years. My sexual history is the opposite to both BS/KL and also Jay Z and Beyonce's enduring marriage. In one poem I write about someone's whose profile is 'like a crescent moon' (see below)
  • Several days before this dream, I wrote a review of the way dreaming was depicted in Inception (2010) - a movie about multi-level dream-within-a-dream scenarios
  • The day before this dream I had asked a Facebook friend how to use a certain app on my phone, stating that I was 'useless with technology'
  • The day of this dream I had been reading the comments section of an online article on Buzzfeed about things which annoy kitchen staff working in commercial kitchens. I had also referred to working in a commercial kitchen in an earlier Facebook conversation regarding my cooking ability - referred to in the Day Residue section of a recent dream
  • The day before this dream I had watched a Youtube video by Grav3yardgirl, titled as a 'Storytime' where she told the story of going to a seafood restaurant and being served fries with a piece of arrow-shaped metal on one, which she described as 'deadly'
  • The day before this dream I watched an episode of Peep Show (E53 - S09E05 'Kid Cave') - Jeremy breaks into Super Hans' home to search through his filing cabinet to find proof that he co-wrote the lyrics to a track which he has not been credited on, despite it being popular on Youtube
  • In my game on The Sims 3 I rotated my newly-aged-up teenage daughter sim so that I could take a screenshot of her from every angle
  • I described myself (metaphorically) as a planet (and used language referring to orbits and rotations) in one of my poems, the day before I had this dream

Waking Reactions: 
This was one of the hardest dreams I have ever had to record! It was so multi-layered and fascinating, and - viewed retrospectively - so highly influenced by intertwined Day Residue. This was an extremely vivid and weird dream experience, and one which had the potential to be a lucid dream, had I taken any of the multiple opportunities to reality check!

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