Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dream 638

'Fuck, Your Long Chat x'
Date: 24 May 2016
Time: 21:00 - 00:40 (I woke up from this dream due to a Facebook notification about a message from RBA - I then fell back asleep for approximately another hour, until 01:40)
Type of dream: Vivid dream
Dream recall: Moderate - Strong recall - some loss of recall due to falling back asleep after a brief wakening following this dream

Scene 1: A Domestic Interior (Location Unknown) - Time Unknown
I was in a room, which was very dark. HM (my cousin) and SL (my ex-boyfriend) were both present, and both were annoying me, although I cannot recall why. There was a large TV against the wall of the room, about waist-height. It provided the only light in the room, except the light from the hallway outside the room, entering through the open doorway of the room, just a short distance away from where the TV was. On the TV, all I could see was the face of Chucky the doll, from the Child's Play movie franchises - it was just a series of images of his head, sneering or smirking in an evil way, moving in an anti-clockwise circular pattern on the screen. I was not pleased to see this, and thought: 'It doesn't scare me as much as it used to, because I can turn it off'. I turned the TV off. 

Scene 2: Composite of Seaside Resort/Inner-City Council Estate (Location Unknown) - Day
I was then in some place which was halfway between a beach holiday resort, and halfway between an inner-city council estate. I was wandering around it for some time, taking in the details of my surroundings. At one point, I was at dinner with my family, in a part of this resort which was on the seafront, in a tourist-y area. I think we were sitting outside, or at least, in front of big windows, beyond which was a seaview - most of my relatives were there, including HM. HM and I were still in some kind of unrecalled dispute. Someone (unrecalled) was showing around a photo album, which was full of sepia photographs. There was one photograph of a series of females lined up, like a school photograph, all in what seemed to be school uniforms. The dream character said: 'They all grew into swans'. I felt angry that women were compared to swans, because I hate swans and am phobic about being in their presence. 

I then saw a pathway, which was orange or brown. It was partially covered, with arches a wall on one side, and Romanesque arches on the other, looking out onto an area of lush green grass. The sun was shining. I walked around to an area which instantly became very urban, like an inner-city. I knew I had not walked far, because I thought: 'The scenery changes quickly here'. I could see a lot of rubbish/trash laying around on the ground, in between large towerblocks, which were a deep royal blue colour, but dirty, cracked and crumbling. I knew they were council towerblocks. Nothing looked modern - it was more like 1960s or 1970s architecture, which had been left to fall into disrepair and ruin through neglect.

Many dream characters were standing around in this area - they were all representative of the working-classes and therefore I felt comfortable in this atmosphere, although confused as to where I actually was, geographically. Some males - teenagers or young adults, who would be described as 'roadmen'  approached me. I did not feel worried, because I am friends with a lot of guys who are also stereotyped as a 'roadman' - I just assumed that they were wandering who I was, because they seemed to be members of the local community, and I was a visitor, trying to enter their apartment building. The males asked me what I was doing there, standing in a circle close to me. I said: 'I'm here to petition David Cameron to help clean this place up'. They were pleased with this answer, and let me pass into the particular blue towerblock I was standing in the entrance of - which was surrounded by some kind of metal wire fencing.

The ground floor of this towerblock was dirty bare concrete, and quite large, with elevators/lifts and some stairs in the centre of this public area. There was rubbish/trash of all sorts, laying everywhere. A short distance away, in this open public space in the ground floor of the towerblock, I could see SL standing with 2 male dream characters. Behind him were some smashed windows. SL signalled something to me, which I perceive to mean: 'What are you doing here?' I ignored him, and turned around. 

At various points in this dreamscene, I saw that in the elevators/lifts and on the stairscases of the towerblock was lots of shit. I was disgusted and did not know if it was animal or human shit. I realised that I was there to petition the Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader, David Cameron - who was there on a publicity campaign - to clean up the towerblocks for the local community. I saw an image of what the flats/bedsits (or 'apartments') looked like inside (without going into a flat/apartment, I was able to see an image of what they looked like behind the front doors). One flat was pristine, with a double-bed with a pink cover. I realised that inside, all the flats were clean and tidy and the residents took pride in them. The contrast between the inside (domestic areas) of the flats, and the public area (the ground floor which looked like a dirty/messy warehouse and the shit-stained lifts/elevators and staircases) was stark in my mind and I felt bad for the residents who had to live like this. I went up to the very top of the building, via stairs - it was about 10 storeys high. I saw that in the public area (the hallway where the flat doorways were), there was a large central space, with a pillar in the middle, and some smashed windows at the far end. David Cameron, wearing a navy suit, a hi vis waistcoat and a hardhat was standing with 2 other males, who also looked like MPs, in business suits. I started to approach Cameron, to complain about the state of the flats, but SL came and said: 'No, you're not allowed to talk to him', He directed me onto the exterior walkway of the flats. There were a group of young adult dream characters there - residents of the apartments.

Suddenly, I saw a nightmarish figure - a very creepy skeletal looking man in a black cloak, peeping out from round a brick wall on the walkway. I knew his intent was to cut off all my limbs and leave me a paraplegic, but oddly I was not at all scared by him, and simply thought that he was useless and would fail in harming me. I walked away from the walkway and re-entered the inside area of the building. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream - and woke. I then fell asleep again.

It felt like I was still awake, and I was looking at my phone, checking my Facebook messages. Under a long message that I had sent to someone, they had responded: 'Fuck, your long chat x'. I wondered why they had put the comma after 'fuck', since it would make more grammatical sense if they had omitted it, and also was surprised they ended a hostile message with an 'x', symbolising a kiss. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream at present, but some memories may come back to me at a later stage.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 

  • HM & SL as dream characters - both creating a sense of disagreement or discomfort at their actions

  • The dreamscene location in Scene 2 - I even questioned the way the scenery seemed to change in this location
  • The events of Scene 2
  • Scene 3 (Recalled Dream Scene - see below) - my slightly altered appearance when looking in a mirror - this would have been the optimal time to perform a reality check

Day Residue: 
  • The day of this dream, I had been watching Youtube videos associated with Creepypasta in particular the ones about 'lost episodes' (including the famous Candle Cove, which features descriptions of dolls/marionettes)
  • The day before this video, I had watched a Youtube video of a house which was destroyed by a tornado. I commented on the video 'The TV was OK' - because the TV was one of the only possessions left undamaged. Another Youtube user responded about my 'boobs' and 'tight puss'
  • I always used to have a fear that Chucky from Child's Play would appear in a dream, because I watched the movies as a small child, and had recurrent nightmares about him throughout my life
  • HM and SL have both appeared in very recent dreams
  • I recently (perhaps the day before this dream) told a Facebook friend that I came from a small seaside resort town (he knew it), and had also lived on a London estate
  • A few days before this dream, a Facebook friend told me he also had a phobia of swans
  • The day before this dream I saw a photograph of Björk, wearing her 'swan dress' at a media event - in an online article about the popularity of the 'nude dress' fashion
  • The day before this dream I had been into the blocks of student accommodation I am responsible for in my welfare role at university - I wanted to take the elevator/life, because I needed to go to the top floor of the block, but I found it was not working, so I had to take the stairs instead
  • A short while before this dream I had sent a long private message to a Facebook friend - a male who I felt was sexually harassing me. I lectured him on how to converse respectfully, given my explicit objections to discussing sex with him and his unrelinquishing desire to discuss it with me
  • The day before this dream, someone on a Facebook page I follow corrected a very basic grammatical mistake I had made (I wrote: 'If I was a man or a lesbian...' when I should have written 'If I were a man or a lesbian...' I responded, pointing out 4 grammatical errors in this female's reply to me, which prompted 2 men from the same conversation thread to personal message me, making fun of the woman and stating that she had been ignorant in correcting me, yet making so many mistakes of her own

Waking Reactions: 
This dream felt really odd, and left me with a feeling of intrigue when I woke up. I wanted to explore the places in Scene 2 much more! 

Recalled Dream Scene
Recalled: 25 May 2016 at 08:50
Trigger: Looking at my reflection in the mirror while moisturising my face
Sometime while in Scene 2 or in a new (unrecalled in further detail) Scene 3 (before I woke up due to the Facebook notification on my mobile phone and the final dreamscene fragment), I was looking at my reflection in a mirror. I was able to recognise that I looked quite similar to how I do in real life - i.e. my appearance was not overly changed or distorted as it often is when you look into a mirror in a dream. However, I also noted that my features all looked more sharply defined - as if I had used a lot of contour makeup, or perhaps even lost weight from my face and had some subtle cosmetic surgery. My nose in particular, was now very defined and pointy at the end, almost ridged, reminding me of how Sarah Michelle Gellar's nose looks. My chin was more pointy and I had sharper cheekbones. I also noted that my hair was flatter, straighter and much silkier. I think my eyes may also have now been blue, instead of the brown they are in real life. There was something different about them. In fact, ever since I first thought that I looked 'normal', the closer I examined my reflection, the more I became away of slight changes in it. I didn't notice all these things at once, it was gradual. I was turning this way and that, checking out my slightly altered appearance in the mirror. I wondered if my face had changed 'due to age'.

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