Sunday, 22 May 2016

Dream 635

'Peach Outfit & Coke Cans'
Date: 21 May 2016
Time: 15:45 - 20:50 (I woke up from this dream - naturally)
Type of dream: Dream scene fragment - normal/non-lucid
Dream recall: Moderate recall

Scene 1: A Car Journey (Location Unknown) - Day
There was some parts of this dream which occurred before the scene in the car, but these are not recalled. Something led to me needing to be picked up by my Mum - and her friend/former colleague, AB. I thought I was outside my house in Norwich, but it transpired that we were in fact in a different location. It was a residential area, with some low concrete walls, and some trees. It was daylight, but the sky was grey. I was waiting outside a building (the one I had wrongly thought to be my house), and my Mum and AB pulled up in a light coloured car, AB driving. On a wall a short distance away was a Coke can. I got in the car, saying that I needed to pick up the Coke can from the wall as we drove by. My Mum had the front passenger side window open and said that I would need to reach out and grab the can as we drove past. I wondered why I could not get out of the car to get it, but it seemed that we were in a rush. As we drove past the wall with the can on it, AB sped up so that we were driving too fast for me to reach out and get the can. My Mum asked me why I had not tried to do it when I had the chance. 

Scene 2: A Clothes Shop (Location Unknown) - Day
I was with my Mum in a shop - at first I thought it was a book shop, but then realised it was actually a clothing shop, which sold some secondhand clothing at thrift shop prices. The shop seemed familiar. I was looking at an outfit which was a matching blouse and skirt in a peach fabric, which was similar to chiffon - light and transparent. I thought this outfit would be quite cheap, but was shocked when my Mum said that it was too expensive. I was looking for other clothes within a reasonable price range, but I really wanted the peach outfit. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Extra Information: None of note

Recurrent Dream Themes: 
None of note

Dreamsigns: None of note

Day Residue: 
  • The day of this dream I had been discussing money with my Mum on the phone

Waking Reactions: None of note.

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