Monday, 6 May 2019

Dream 973

'Working for Two Law Firms'
Date: 5 May 2019
Scene 1: A Law Firm - Day
I was working in the criminal defence/prison law firm I am working with in real life (I work from home on a consultancy basis rather than being based in an office). I think I was in the law firm offices in the dream, although I am sure that the other workers (dream characters) were people I worked with when I last worked in a criminal defence law firm (around 2008ish maybe). I do not recall much other than walking around the office, which I think had a royal blue carpet. I remember seeing a number of filing cabinets and piles of paperwork and that the office seemed very untidy and dimly lit with a number of corners and separating walls sectioning off the one big room. It did not resemble any office I recall from real life.

I had been offered another job in a second criminal defence law firm, which meant I would be working in two law firms at once. I decided to take on the second job as well. I knew I had a lot of work commitments and was not sure how I would balance them, but I felt positive that I would be earning a decent income doing something I really love. I cannot recall anything else about this dream, as it was more of a dream fragment than a full dream.

* When I first met AJR I was working in criminal defence and prison law, and I always mourned the loss of that particular job as I loved it so much. I always wanted to return to criminal and prison law, and I know that when AJR and I started dating, this was something he wanted me to do too, as we discussed my future career at length. I then miraculously got offered a job working for a firm (with a name which matches AJR's real last name!) working in this area. This means AJR is able to help me grow my client base from within prison and I know he loves telling people that he is dating a prison lawyer. AJR is himself a qualified prison lawyer and we plan to open up our own legal aid practice in the future. I feel like my life has come full circle, but in a very positive way! This dream may be an indication that I am currently feeling overworked generally.

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