Saturday, 18 May 2019

Dream 979

Date: 13 May 2019
Day 9 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Unsuccessful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: An Unknown Interior - Time Unknown
This was more of a series of dream fragments, rather than a cohesive and well-recalled dream narrative. I have forgotten a lot of the detail, as unfortunately I did not record the dream immediately upon waking. 

All action appeared to take place within an interior, which seemed to be dark blue - or it had a dim blue light. I cannot recall. I cannot remember any other scene. 

My Nan was a dream character and there was some unrecalled dialogue with her. She was wearing a white jumper. My Uncle GC was either referred to or was present temporarily in the dream.

I was then sitting at a long table with my cousin CAJ. I knew I was working in my student welfare job and I had to go and perform a welfare check on a male student. We were both writing something on pieces of paper. I remember seeing that I was using a blue felt tip pen and my writing was much larger than usual. In the dream I was annoyed that I hadn't been writing neatly. I then thought that events (as they were happening in the dream) were strongly connected to the current James Charles drama/scandal, although it is not clear how I knew/why I thought this. 

I cannot recall anything else about this dream. 

Additional Notes:
  • This is Day 9 of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (click on this title link to read my introductory post and see my accompanying Youtube video, below)
  • The James Charles drama/scandal has been all over the media recently and I have watched a large number of Youtube videos about it/him

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