Saturday, 18 May 2019

Dream 981

'Antiques Shopping'
Date: 17 May 2019
Day 13 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Unsuccessful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: An Antique Shop/Hotel - Time Unknown
I was in an antique shop - which might have been a bric-a-brac store as it looked quite messy, dusty and dishevelled. I was eating a vanilla ice cream cone, while an older white female dream character with grey hair showed me a large decorative vase, as if she was trying to sell it to me. I cannot recall what was said. An old white male dream character, who also worked in the antique shop, went over to a piano and began to play, but I cannot recall what he performed or whether he was any good at playing the piano. I then realised that the antique shop was also a hotel and the female dream character was CC, a former good friend of my Mums. There was some reference to RR (someone I went to high school with) and her father (who is married to my cousin HM's paternal aunt). I cannot recall the context. 

There was some reference to Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg), although I cannot recall if he actually appeared in the dream or was simply referenced. I cannot recall the context of this element of the dream.

Scene 2: My Bathroom, Norwich - Time Unknown
I was then in my bathroom in my flat - staring at the bath, which was filled with dead white flowers. I wondered who would clean these up.

I cannot recall anything else about this dream - I know I have forgotten a lot of detail because I remembered more immediately upon waking, but did not record the dream immediately. More details may resurface, as is often the case when I initially have strong dream recall. If I remember anything else, I will record it below.

Additional Notes:
  • This is Day 13 of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (click on this title link to read my introductory post and see my accompanying Youtube video, below)
  • On the day of this dream I had been eating ice cream
  • On the day of this dream I had been watching Pewdiepie on Youtube and had recently been discussing him. Appearance-wise, he sometimes reminds me of AJR as they have similar colouring/complexion and to some extent, face shape
  • On the day of this dream, a male Instagram follower/friend (due to fact I have had previous conversations with him online) told me he wanted to learn the piano so he could play for me
  • On the day of this dream I read an online post (on a Facebook group) about an American woman who called the police because 2 young girls stole 2 tulips she had received on Mother's Day - the post was ridiculing her for her pettiness

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