Sunday, 26 May 2019

Dream 983

'Party Favours'
Date: 22 May 2019
Day 18 of Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure 
Status: Unsuccessful Dream Incubation Dream

Scene 1: An Unknown (Domestic?) Interior - Time Unknown
I was in an unknown interior, which I perceived to be a home, although not one I recall from real life. I was walking around the ground floor of the house, which had a number of dark corners and hallways, with blank white walls. One of my family members - it may have been my Mum or my Nan - were present and I had a short (unrecalled) conversation with them. The overwhelming feeling of this dream was having responsibility or a duty which felt stressful and I wanted to avoid. I felt anxious. At some point in the dream I realised that I was supposed to be preparing party gift bags for a party I was planning. I had the job of selecting items for the party gift bags. I suddenly had the 'good' idea of putting a single (faux) diamond stud earring in the bag, and realised this would be very successful. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

Additional Notes:
  • This is Day 18 of my current Dream Incubation Experiment - A Star Wars Adventure (click on this title link to read my introductory post and see my accompanying Youtube video, below)
  • On the day of this dream AJR and I had been discussing our plans for when he is released from prison - he said that he did not want a large party immediately upon his return home
  • I own faux diamond stud earrings

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