Thursday, 20 November 2014

7 Day Dream Incubation Experiment - Marilyn Monroe Dream (1)

I am conducting a 7 day dream incubation experiment. Below is my notebook that I use for writing notes relating to this Blog and other dream research. It sets out my intention for the dream incubation experiment:

So my the dream I hope to incubate is: to meet my idol Marilyn Monroe, while I am a starlet in 1950s Hollywood.

My dream aims are:
  • To be a Hollywood starlet
  • To meet Marilyn Monroe (at the height of her career/fame)
  • To become lucid in my dream (using reality checks, MILD technique, WBTB (Wake-Back-To-Bed method, visualisation of dream goals)
  • To stabilise my dream (hand examination, verbal commands, reality checks, sense of touch)
  • To ask my Dream Character (Marilyn Monroe) something about myself (reveal subconscious)
  • To vividly recall my dreams

The image which I will concentrate on (referred to in my Youtube video, which is posted below) is of Marilyn Monroe in her role as 'Sugar Kane' in Some Like it Hot  (1959). This is the era in which I hope to meet Marilyn Monroe, hence the use of this image in particular, but this is just to contextualise the historical period in my mind...the date in which the dream is set might just as well be from the mid-1950s up until Marilyn's death in 1962, because this is broadly the period in which she is at the peak of her stardom.

I shall report my dreams as normal as numbered dream reports, but also post articles specifically discussing the content and analysis of the next 7 days worth of dreams within the context of this experiment. I may not be able to post/make Youtube videos on each day, as I will be travelling back to my hometown for the weekend (no internet) which falls within the next 7 days, but whenever I post I will update all data and commentary in one post, clearly marking the different days that post relates to. Below is the Youtube video I recorded, discussing this experiment:

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