Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dream 319

'Stripping & Scary Dolls'
I was in a really surreal place, that looked like a nightclub which was made entirely of sparkly stairs. The stairs did not lead anywhere, they just went up and down at random angles. Instead of being a room with 4 walls and a ceiling, there was an open edge, which dropped down into a blue infinity, which went up and down forever. The place was both dark and glittery at the same time. I was with a large number of other girls and we were all dressed in a similar way - wearing nude-looking glittering outfits/costumes, which were like catsuits, and had an open slit running downwards on the breast-area. This made the breasts look like round vaginas, with the exposed nipples appearing to be clitorises. We were either strippers or burlesque dancers and had to stand on the steps and dance provocatively to entertain guests, although I did not see anyone who was not part of the female dancing group.

I then found myself in a large shop - I think it was a clothing store (maybe a large branch of Top Shop?). It was very dark, and against a central pillar was a basket, containing a number of dolls. These dolls were all based on Disney's Ariel the Little Mermaid, but each doll had a different makeup look. Some had a 'dark winter' look, others had a 'peaches and cream' look and some had a 'no makeup face' look. These dolls were supposedly the inspiration used by the dancers for particular makeup looks. I thought the peaches and cream look was the best and decided that this was to be my inspiration for my own style when I next had to dance.

I was the watching a film with my stepdad. I could not work out what the film was about, until I saw a scene where a male character was putting together a doll and telling it to 'find a soul to destroy'. My stepdad then said: 'It's the Childsplay film' (Childsplay (1988) - the first movie in the franchise). I thought the film appeared to start differently to how I remembered it from real life, demonstrating that I had some of my waking memory operative while dreaming. The Good Guy doll, which had been crafted by one evil man, looked slightly different, and instead of being mass-produced at and then sold in a toy store, was a prototype, intended to be a figure of horror. There was no voodoo ritual which led to the soul of the serial killer being transferred to the Chucky doll, bringing him to life - Chucky was created as a serial killer. The next scene involved Andy and his mother walking down a street and seeing Chucky in a top shop window. I stopped watching the film as I have always been scared by the plot, after watching it as a 10 year old.

I was then at my nan's house in Sheringham and we were celebrating the fact that my uncle, GC, has passed some A-level exams. He had got 3 A grades, but these were written/referred to as A,A,C,T,T,T. I thought to myself that AACTTT were better grades than my own. 

I was then in a small dark room, with a number of other people. Around the edges of the room were a number of photocopier machines, and we were photocopying a number of handwritten poems. I am not sure who the author of the poems was. I was looking at some of the poetry, when a large, dark haired young woman came and grabbed the poetry I was reading, saying that she needed to take it home. I argued with her, saying: 'No I have to take it to Louis Walsh because he lives at my house!' We started wrestling with the pieces of paper on which the poetry was written, but eventually I let go, and turned to my left where there was a photocopier - deciding to just copy some more poetry out. The large brunette woman then came over to me and apologised for her behaviour, saying she was in the wrong and I could take the poetry that we had been arguing over. There was an older person (I cannot remember the gender of this person) on a seat against the back wall of the room. This person said: 'Take it to Louis Walsh'. 

There was a dream scene, which I cannot recall, but involved someone playing a violin. 

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