Monday, 24 November 2014

Dream 315

'Dirty Mathematician'
This dream occurred while I was VERY drunk, following my uncle's surprise birthday party. I drank far too much vodka and fizzy wine, was sick and passed out...but still managed to recall this dream clearly! I spent the night in my nan's house (where I live when not at university), and my uncle had also recently been staying there, but has now moved out.

I was in the pub my mum used to run, with one of her former barmen - WW. I confused WW with another of the barmen who used to work there - BF. WW/BF told me that his brother, SMF (SF is actually BF's sister, his brother is called MAF!) had recently become the youngest 'dirty mathematician' at the age of 37. I associated 'dirty maths' as being the opposite of pure maths.

I was then in my nan's house in the evening. The lights were very bright in the room. I was sitting in the armchair in the corner. My nan was there, as was my uncle, GC, who was seated at the table. GC said he had to get an extension cable/plug, and left the room, but when he returned, he had the wrong extension cable, and the attached electrical plug was plugged into it's own socket, and could not be removed. He left the room again, and returned with another extension cable/plug - this time a black one, which was in working order. 

I was eating ice cream and watching something on either a TV or a laptop. I thought I was watching a video of a lion walking down a driveway outside a house, but my uncle looked over my shoulder and said: 'That dog has become a hyena!' When I looked at the screen again, I saw that it was a hyena on a driveway. 

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