Monday, 10 November 2014

Dream 299

'Fake Money, Music Videos & Prison Visits'
I was in an empty environment, which was a heavenly blue colour and quite hazy. The only objects around were white blocks. I was seated on the central one. Surrounding me were pregnant women, wearing lingerie and angel wings - like Victoria's Secret supermodels. Nothing was said and this scene lasted for a very short period of time. 

I found myself in a new environment, which was brightly-lit office-type of room, which appeared to be set up like a call centre, with a series of desks, all facing in towards the middle of the room. My family members - including my mum and my nan - were seated as desks, and I was sat at a desk in the middle, I kept turning around to chat to various family members, but I cannot recall the topic of our conversations, other than I informed them all that I was trying to arrange prison visits. I am not sure who I was supposedly going to visit in prison, but I think it was a professional legal visit, rather than a personal one.

I was then outside a fish and chip shop at night. I could see two male dream characters - both young adults, one slim and white and the other larger and black. The white male had a portion of fish and chips in his hand. He asked if I wanted to eat it, but he was touching the food with his hands. I said: 'No, because you've touched it with dirty hands now!' The black male took the portion of fish and chips and ate the fried, battered cod in a single mouthful.

I was considering naming something. I am not sure what. It was a vague, disconnected thought. I thought that I had better give this thing the name 'Ghashghaei-Pour' [my real last name] because I am the only person in my family (on both my mum and my late dad's side, since he only has surviving married sisters) who has this name, and therefore I will be the last in the line of 'Ghashghaei-Pours' if I don't maintain my family name.

I was then in an amusement arcade, at the penny pusher machine. This is a machine in which you insert pennies which are pushed off a ledge into a pile of pennies. You have to time to penny drop so that as many are dropped off the first ledge onto the second one. From the second ledge, pennies can be pushed down and out of the machine. I was inserting pennies. There were other dream characters in the amusement arcades, but I wasn't paying much attention to them. It was clear that I was in a seaside environment. Suddenly, I won a huge pile of pennies, which fell out of the machine.I was really pleased and even more so when I discovered that there was a £20 note included in my winnings. I took the stack of pennies to the counter where there was young man working. I asked him to change my money and pushed it through the partition. He picked up the £20 note and told me that it was a fake one. I asked him to swap it for a real one. He said he didn't have a real one. I saw there were several crumpled (and real-looking) £20 notes on his side of the counter. I managed to reach under the partition and grab them, but on closer inspection I noticed they were all fake because they had the word 'colour' written in the top left-hand corner. I said to the male behind the counter: 'I'll take it anyway because the shopkeepers won't notice they are fake'. 

I was then back in my nan's house in Sheringham. It was the evening and I think my nan was sitting in her usual place on the sofa. Against the wall, where the dining-table is usually positioned was a sofa and some armchairs. Seated in these chairs was a group of young men in urban hip hop-style clothing, including a London rapper named 'Ruthless'. Also in this group (of about 8 people) were the two males I had met outside the fish and chip shop (that scene having taken place earlier in the same evening). I was still thinking about how the black male dream character has swallowed the piece of fish whole, and I was about to ask him whether it hurt his throat, when Ruthless told me that I had to shoot my music video soon. It appeared that I had recorded a hip hop track and these guys had come to my nan's house to help me make a video to accompany it. I stood up and started pacing back and forth in front of the guys, thinking that I wasn't ready to shoot a video.

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