Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dream 316

'Escape from the Heroin Addicts'
Dream date: 23 November 2014
I was in a sort of burnt out building - like a shooting gallery or crackhouse. It was falling down and decaying, with rubbish and dirt everywhere. I lived here with some heroin addicts, but I was not using drugs myself, and neither was the man I was dating (a dream character, unknown to me in real life, slim with black hair). All the people who lived in this drug den were unknown to me in real life. The two that I remember the most clearly, were a small, chubby blonde woman (who looked like RBR, a girl I know from school), who had a big blue tattoo on her upper left arm, and a tall thin male with long black hair and many tattoos. Everyone in the house was planning to shoot some heroin together, and I felt fed up of living around their unhealthy lifestyle. My boyfriend was also planning to try some heroin, but I could not persuade him otherwise. It was daylight, which I knew, because the window in the room we were gathered in had been smashed in, and a torn white sheet had been hung at the window, and it was blowing in the breeze. One of the addicts came into the room, having scored the heroin for everyone. He said: 'I've also brought some dirty needles (syringes) for us to bang up with'. The plan was that everyone would share the same 'dirty' needles i.e. they had already been used by other addicts to shoot heroin. My boyfriend was keen to do this as well, but I was desperately telling him that he should stay clear of the dangerous behaviour and leave the shooting gallery with me. He refused to listen to me, so I decided the only thing I could do was to break up with him. He was crying and asking me why, and the other addicts were getting involved in our dispute. I said: 'Because you will get HIV from the dirty needles and then pass it onto me, especially if we decide to start a family in the future!' He joined the other addicts to shoot some heroin and I left. I didn't feel all that sad about the break up because I was looking after my own interested and he had declined my help and support in favour of intravenous drugs and potential disease. 

I was then at some kind of parade. I was sitting on a carnival float, with the female blonde heroin addict and the tall, long-haired male heroin addict, riding through Sheringham High Street. Both addicts were berating me for breaking up with my ex-boyfriend, telling me he was devastated by me leaving him. They told me I was uncaring and cruel. I reiterated to them that I was fearful that he would contract HIV/AIDS from sharing dirty needles and then pass it onto me. The blonde woman said: 'Why is that a problem?' I said: 'I don't want HIV, but I want to be able to have sex with my boyfriend without taking risks'. She looked at me with an annoyed expression on her face. She told me that she was pregnant. I asked her if she had HIV and she said: 'Yes, we call contracted it on the day you left!' This confirmed to me that I had made the right decision to leave. 

I was then with another woman - also unknown to me in real life, but a friend in the dream. She was slightly older than me, and had purple dye in her dark, fluffy shoulder-length hair. I knew that her and I had made a plan to rescue some of the children who lived in the shooting gallery with the addicts, by arranging to visit the house while the adult addicts were out scoring heroin. They always left the children alone in the house. We had met two kind men who had a car and would meet us by the house and help us to escape before the addicts returned. The house was in woodlands - I could see the road from the forest, and the two men were standing by a pale blue car, waving at us. They joined us, as we walked up a hilly path in the woods towards the shooting gallery. We then noticed that just to the side of the woods (and the path we were walking along) a car was pulling up. It was the 'neighbours' - a middle-aged woman named 'Janet' and her husband (joined by some friends). They were interfering, and we were worried that Janet might inform the addicts that we had taken the children. Janet and her husband called out to us and started approaching from the right. The two men helping us were ahead of me, with my female friend behind me. I started to hurry, walking faster to catch up with the men, while my female friend hung back to distract Janet and her husband from seeing the mission. I heard my friend tell Janet that we were going to collect some glass from the shooting gallery which had belonged to us and we needed for a project. Janet was happy with this explanation and left us to it. Our group of four, then walked through a brick shed/outhouse, which had no roof and two of the walls collapsed into rubble. In the middle of the room was a workbench, with big sheets of glass, with graphic lines dissecting them, as if part of an architectural project which had been abandoned. We were about to reach the house/shooting gallery when I woke up.

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