Monday, 17 November 2014

Dreams 309

'Females Rappers in Prison'
Dream date: 15 November 2014
Before this dream, I tried to incubate an intention to dream of the diamonds which scientists have discovered may form and rain down from the skies/atmospheres of one of Jupiter's moons (it turns out that there may in fact be diamonds on both Jupiter and Saturn). The Wikipedia article about the scientific theories can be found here. Below is the dream I had instead:

I was watching a dream scene as a third-party, but not really participating. It seemed like I was watching a movie or TV show. Female rappers Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim were in a women's prison. Nothing very exciting happened - they weren't getting on very well, and this reflects their real life attitudes towards each other. Both were wearing orange prison jumpsuits. Lil Kim has served time in prison in real life. 

I was then in my nan's house in Sheringham, and somehow stuck playing a weird, sinister card game (I think it was with my cousin HM and perhaps some other people), which involved picking two cards, on which there were numbers written in black print. The cards had to be held up to the eyes, so they covered them. If the selected cards read '49' and '20' then something bad would happen to that player's arms (I think the arms would fall off, but I did not see it happen, as we all luckily avoided selecting '49' and '20' at the same time). I did not want to play this game, but something was compelling us to continue. I stopped playing it as soon as I could.

I was aware that I had just got home from high school or sixth form. She was going out and told me that it was my job to cook dinner for 'Nick Cotton' (an antagonist character in Eastenders played by John Altman). I didn't want to do this, but decided that it was best to do what my nan asked of me. It appeared that Nick Cotton was living in my nan's house with her and I. I went down to the local shop, which is a short distance away, but actually closer to my former home on the parallel road to my nan's, whereas there is another corner shop in Sunway Park, which is a shorter walk away. I felt distressed, as there was no meat or vegetables in the shop, only Quorn (meat alternative) and I knew Nick Cotton would not want to eat this. I didn't have a single clue what I could cook from the available produce in the shop. I think my cousin, HM was also with me throughout this dream scene, although I cannot recall many details. Nick Cotton was sat in the corner of the room at all times, but I cannot remember speaking directly to him.

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