Monday, 24 November 2014

Dream 314

'Pink Sex Machine'
Dream date: 22 November 2014
I saw myself (in the third-person) board a double-decker bus. As I got onto the bus, the destination screen on the front said: 'Mother'.

I then found myself in a bedroom, which looked like the shared rooms in the Norfolk Terrace residences at my university. By the door, against the wall, was a large bubblegum pink unit, made up of different sections/box-like shelves or pigeon-holes. Inside these spaces were TV screens. I was trying to get to sleep, but suddenly, the TVs turned on - very loudly - and started playing porn, but it was also like 'body horror' - deformed body parts copulating with gruesome, screeching sex noises. I became anxious that the sound would wake my stepdad who was in the bedroom next door and had to wake up early for work, but there was no way for me to turn the porn off, other than using a remote control, which I knew was in a bag in the lounge. I went through to the lounge - which did not resemble any real life lounge that I know of, but looked normal. The quality of light told me that it was the early hours of the morning. I was relieved to see my stepdad was awake, and sat drinking beer on the sofa, meaning the noise of the porn hadn't disturbed him. I found the bag (a normal-looking black backpack) behind an armchair on the floor and got the remote control, which looked like a cross between a pink computer keyboard and an electric guitar - the size of the former. I took this through to my bedroom and turned off the horror porn.

I then found myself in Sheringham, in Otterndorf Green, which is between the steam railway and the regular train station (the town is twinned with the German town of Otterndorf). There was some kind of 'anti-Russian parade' going on. People were marching and shouting racial slurs against Russian people, and asking bystanders to tell of any Russians they knew, so these people could be driven out of the area. I thought to myself: 'The only Russian I know of is EB's ex-girlfriend' (this isn't true, I recently met two Russian students at a games night I organised at university). The sun was shining brightly and I was just standing, watching the anti-Russian parade, wondering why it was happening, when I was approached by LR - a male who lived in my hometown when I was growing up and was a couple of years older than me. He was flanked by two women, with his arms around their shoulders, and the three of them were swaying around as if drunk. LR said to me: 'You should inform on Dan the Snitch' (I am not sure who 'Dan the Snitch is, but in the dream I knew of him). 

I was then in my house in Norwich, standing at the front door, which was open. I was annoyed to find that there was someone (an unknown male adult) standing in the doorway, addressing a young blonde child, who was standing on the raised pavement just opposite my house. The child was trying to learn French. I began teaching him French. I told him that 'le petite regard' meant 'small circle'. He accepted this as true and I think that in the dream I also believed that I was correct. It in fact means 'the little light', although I was not actually aware of this! The boy then said that 'beaucoup' meant 'very good' and I agreed with him, even though in the dream I was aware that it actually meant 'so much' or 'very much'. He said: 'I speak Francais beaucoup - that means I'm very good'. I thought that I would let him assume he was right even if he sounded like an idiot speaking French wrongly.

I then was in a room, using a computer to surf the internet and realised that I had invented Kickstarter, the global crowd-funding organisation. I was the site administrator and was in charge. 

* Weirdly, when I was using Google to find these photographs of Otterndorf Green ('Otterndorf Green, Sheringham' was my search term), I scrolled down the Google Image search results and found a photograph of my stepdad, my mum and my nan which had been taken without them noticing (at a local annual 1940s theme event) and posted on a random website!

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