Monday, 17 November 2014

Dreams 306 & 307

Dream 306
'Cannabis & Videos'
Dream date: 14 November 2014
I was in a room which looked like my nan's living-room in Sheringham, but was a little, different, although I cannot say what had changed. To my left was sat LRB (a rapper from London) and SH (a girl who I went to primary/high school with, but haven't seen in 17 years, nor had cause to think about). To my right, was PS, seated in an armchair. LRB is a friend of PS, but neither of them know SH. We were all sharing a cannabis spliff and there was some conversation, which I cannot recall.

I was then outside, in dreary, but dry weather. Someone was selling videotapes from a cardboard box (I think it was a middle-aged man) and other people were loitering or walking by. I took a closer look at the videos in the box, and noticed that they were stones/pebbles. I had something in my hand - the size of an apple. It looked like a sugared strawberry sweet.

Dream 307
'Class A Hotel'
Dream date: 14 November 2014 (Afternoon Nap)
I was in a hotel bar with my mum, my nan and DL. The hotel bar was very dimly lit and decorated luxuriously. My mum and nan got up from the seats we were sat on (a navy velvet-covered sofa against the wall) and left DL and I. DL started to have sex with me from behind, still on the sofa. I could see this happen in the third-person as well as experiencing it in the first-person. We were still fully clothed and I thought we looked like a T-shape in this position. DL hugged me from behind and pulled the hood of a white hooded top I was wearing up, to partially cover my head. DL then said he wanted to go to the restaurant area of the bar to get a pastry. I followed him out a short while later (this was just around the corner from where we had been sat, and the lights were brighter). When I joined DL, I noticed he was now RF (someone I know from Norwich who has become well-known for hosting a hip hop event). I felt anxious, hoping that DL was not actually RF. There was a stainless steel counter to my side, on which was a small white plate with a pastry on it. The pastry looked old and as if it had been manhandled. I followed DL/RF a short distance and we came to another counter, where better pastries were being served across a glass partition. DL/RF bought a croissant. 

We then went into the lobby where there were three people standing. One of them was a young blonde female, one was a well-known battle rapper and hip hop artist from America (DZ), who has performed at events hosted by RF in real life and the third was a middle-aged man. RF introduced me to DZ, who had travelled to the UK to take part in a battle rap; and the blonde girl who was RF's girlfriend (in the dream). I was not introduced to the middle-aged man, who said nothing.

I was then in a car with RF and we were driving down a road in the sun. On one side (left) was the sea and on the other urban buildings. RF pointed out a large white building and said: 'That's a Class A hotel!'.

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