Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dream 312

'Birthday Cakes'
I had to help PS get a birthday cake for his mum - the question was whether it should be black or white. We in an outside environment, looking up at train tracks which crossed above us in the sky. It was a dimly lit day - maybe dusk. PS said: 'You know which one to take to get to the cake shop'. Two cakes were on a chair in an (unfamiliar) domestic environment, but in fact they were both dresses - one black and one white. PS couldn't decide which cake/dress his mum would prefer, so he said that we would decide later. 

I went to visit some people who had some form of learning disability, although the precise nature of their problems were not made clear to me. There were two females, both using paper and pencils to draw pictures of a man in glasses sitting at an angle on a bus seat. Both pictures were quite childlike, and in the corners, the girls had written 'I love scientists'. I decided that the girl who used the symbol of a love heart rather than the word 'love' had done best.

I was then in my bedroom at my nan's house. PS was with another male who was tall, thin, white and geeky looking, with brown hair and glasses. It was this male's birthday - I am not sure if PS's mum had become this boy or whether he was a separate dream character. PS told me that I had to leave because for his birthday, the boy liked to wank off to pictures of women on his mobile phone and PS was the only person able to supervise him doing so. I felt annoyed that I had to leave my own bedroom for this. I noticed clusters of party balloons strung up in the corners of the ceiling.

PS and I then went to look at the black and white cakes/dresses again, and still could not make a decision as to which one was best.

I was in a very dark bedsit - I think this was the unfamiliar domestic environment in which we had first looked at the black and white cakes/dresses. There was a bed and a sink. PS was with me and also a tall, slim, white female, with very short black hair. She looked very masculine. She was a professional makeup artist and she was going to do my hair and makeup. She had a blue towelling bath robe and a black coat, which she soaked in water in the sink. I was sat on the bed watching her. She told me that I would have to choose between the blue bath robe and the black coat - which I would wear while she did my hair and makeup. She referred to the two items as a 'black or a white dress' and suddenly I noticed that the robe and coat were in fact a black dress and a white dress. I chose to wear the white dress. The dream ended.

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