Monday, 10 November 2014

Dream 300

'Arguments & Exercise Machines'
I was having an argument with BG, my housemate, but I cannot recall why. Our location was the landing on the exterior walkway of a block of flats. It seemed like a typical council towerblock. We were a number of stories up from ground level It was daylight and I could see the balcony edge on one side and the front doors to the flats on my left side. BG was standing several metres away from me, shouting. She was bent over to emphasise how angry she was, and was wearing a white vest and blue jeans.

I then found myself on a concrete and grass area in the sunshine. It appeared to be a location which was a composite of both my university (the area across the road from the main bus stop) and my hometown, Sheringham. I was using an exercise machine (a cross-trainer) while several people watched me workout.

I then found myself in an office which was not dissimilar to the one I worked in as a legal secretary a few years ago. In fact, I was working as a legal secretary in this firm, but the other employees were all unfamiliar, except two - one of whom had worked with me in the real-life firm (SW) and another who was a girl I knew in high school, JW. In real-life JW was from quite a well-off family, but liked to hang around with the 'hard-nuts' (this is the most diplomatic term I could use to describe this group of girls!) and exhibited seriously changeable and attention-seeking behaviour, was quite unlikeable and a liar. I was struggling to use a printer, which was more like a photocopier, since you did not need to use a computer to send items to print. I could not work out how to feed in the company headed paper (which had a reddish-orange letterhead and footer) so that the machine printed onto the right side and the correct way up. I kept printing on the wrong side or upside down, no matter how I inserted the paper into the machine. I was getting frustrated and SW was standing behind me, helping me in a half-hearted way, but not really assisting me as she seemed distracted by something. Soon, all the paper got stuck in the machine and chewed up. I could not pull the crumpled paper free. Someone from behind me (I am not sure who) mentioned that I was wasting paper and company resources and I got angry. I noticed that JW, who was sitting at the desk to my left side was laughing and making fun of me and this angered me even more, because I realised that she was in a senior position at the firm, despite me being qualified and her not having any qualifications or experience. I went over to her. She looked quite similar to how she was at school, except she had a very deep fake tan - orangey-brown and almost as dark as her brown hair. Instead of having brown eyes, her eyes were huge - much bigger than would be natural and emerald green. They appeared to be glazed over and I could not see her pupils. I leaned over the desk until our faces were very close. I felt disconcerted by her strange eyes and said: 'Shut up or I'll kill you!'

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