Monday, 3 November 2014

Dream 292

'Jurassic Park Space Nightmare'
Dream date: 31 October 2014
I was in a shiny silver metal space craft with a group of astronauts. We weren't wearing space suits, just beige overalls, and we were floating in zero-gravity conditions. The room that we were in had exits either side, which were basically metal tunnels/crawl spaces in the wall. I realised - with fear - that we were in a Jurassic Park- scenario and there were dinosaurs (velociraptors) loose on the craft, seeking to prey on us. I saw that on a table (stainless steel), there were two man-eating Venus Fly Traps, with male human faces (reminiscent of the one in Little Shop of Horrors (1986), but morphed with men). They were quite small and in flowerpots. I perceived these to be a form of dinosaur. The other astronauts were also scared and keen to leave this room. 

I could hear the velociraptors scratching on a door (I am not sure why this door was not an exit that we could use - we had to use the narrow crawl-spaced which were a little like rubbish/trash chutes). I was aware that the raptors would soon learn how to open the door as they do in the kitchen scene in Jurassic Park (1993).  I was then even more anxious to discover that we definitely could not leave through the door (because the raptors were on the other side) but would have to crawl through the narrow chutes which were barely big enough. I knew it would be claustrophobic and there would be the risk that we would get stuck. We all entered the chutes, on our bellies and crawled through. We came out into a big open space in daylight. It seemed as if we were in a wilderness, which was partially desert and partially scrubland, with nothing else in sight. The land was flat and sandy-beige in colour. It seemed desolate. One of the astronauts (a male) said that he would go and get the vehicles for us so that we could leave. I then realised that we were not on Earth, but on a different planet altogether. I wanted to go home.

Myself and one of the female astronauts (who was the only person who seemed familiar to me, although I cannot recall who she was or represented) decided that we would make our own way back to Earth, by jumping off the side of the planet and floating through space. I am not sure why we decided to do this, as I was very scared at the prospect and thought that we might die. We did in fact jump off the side of the planet and found ourselves floating through space, which was incredibly scary. The feeling was horrible - out of control and sickening. We passed the Antarctic or Arctic - it was a glacial wasteland of some sort and eventually found ourselves touching down on land. We were standing by a white gate, by which two young women were sitting, eating ice cream cones. I asked them (for some reason in French): 'Ou est la?' ['where is the?]. One of the women said: 'South London'  and I discovered that we were indeed in South London, feeling surprised that we managed to get to the UK so easily.

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