Thursday, 13 November 2014

Dream 302

'Crystals & Raw Eggs'
I was in a big warehouse with a high ceiling. The only things in the warehouse, which was quite non-descript, were long lines of big boxes or crates, which were filled with crystals of various colours, textures and sizes. The warehouse was some kind of crystal shop. I was with others - I am not sure who - and we were looking through the crates, trying to find the best crystals. It appeared that the crystals were mainly shaped like animals. I picked up a big crystal, which was pale pink in colour and extremely shiny. It was about the size of a standard iPad, and irregular shaped, but I interpreted it as being in the shape of a cat. I selected this crystal as my favourite.

I was then in a second-hand book shop, which was very narrow and crowded, with a bright light. There were others in the shop with me - I think the shopkeeper (just a dream character) and my mum were there, but they were standing behind me, so I couldn't see them and I cannot quite recall the conversation we were having. I saw a huge, hardback Marilyn Monroe photograph book in the window of the shop (the window was back-to-front, so the display was behind the glass if you were inside the shop). The window display was messy and all the books were placed in a jumbled, crowded way. The only reason I could clearly see the Marilyn Monroe book was because it was large, shiny and white and the only book positioned neatly and upright. In real life I collect Marilyn Monroe books. I really wanted this book, but I could not reach it because of the other books and the glass which acted as a barrier. I said words to the effect of: 'I really want this book' and the shopkeeper (still unseen behind me) told me what I needed to do to get it (I cannot remember what he said). I started spinning around on the spot, hoping that this would earn me the right to get the book.

The scene changed and I was no longer part of the dream narrative, but merely an observer. I was watching a Come Dine With Me dinner party. Come Dine With Me is a British Channel 4 TV show, where 4 or 5 contestants from a certain area of the country compete at holding the best dinner party in their homes for the other guests (strangers who they meet for the first time when filming the show) for a cash prize at the end of the week. The dinner party was made up of at least two women (middle-aged) and one man, but I cannot recall all of the guests. They were seated in a very normal looking dining-room around the dinner table. I was aware that one of the women was a relative of both late former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. The host (neither of the middle-aged women I could see, who were seated at one side of the table, next to each other) served the main course, which was a raw egg floating in a bowl of boiling water. The bowl was a white and blue Chinese porcelain bowl (as pictured) - similar to some china my nan (who used to live in China and loves Chinese culture) used to own when I was a child. The eggs had just been cracked into the water, but were not cooked in any way. The woman who was related to Margaret Thatcher and Marco Pierre White was moaning about the dish, saying it was disgusting and inedible. The other woman seated next to her now had a small blonde female child (approximately 5 - 6 years old) sitting on her lap. She said: 'It's my daughter's birthday and this is her favourite food!' The little girl, whilst being hugged by her mother, was eating her mother's raw egg with a spoon. 

* Note that shortly prior to me going to sleep I had been discussing bithstones - and the 'crystal' in my dream may not have actually been a crystal at all, but another gem stone which I mistakenly thought was a crystal. Also, a few days before this dream, I had watched an episode of Masterchef Australia (another TV culinary competition) in which one of the amateur chefs competing tried to make baked eggs (cracking them into a tomato-based sauce and finishing them in the oven), but accidentally served them raw and was put into an elimination round as a result. I had been watching the UK Masterchef the Professionals (the version of the competition for professional chefs) as I was falling asleep.

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