Monday, 17 November 2014

Dreams 304 & 305

Dream 304
'Polish Girlfriend'
Dream date: 13 November 2014
I was back in my old home in London, but the bedroom was different - it was now long and narrow and very dimly lit. The bedroom was filled with people (young male adults) who I had known when I lived in on the same council estate in London, but PS wasn't there. However, there was a short, Polish girl with ginger hair cut to shoulder-length. Someone told me that this Polish girl was PS's girlfriend and he has been dating her for 'years' (which could not have been true). I was getting annoyed, because my former friends were acting as if I had never lived there and dated PS - it was as if I had been erased from their memories. The Polish girl was acting as if she was Queen of my former castle, being very loud and dominant. I decided that I would go over to her and put her in her place, informing her that I had been there before her, had lived in this house and dated PS. The Polish girl became really angry and upset at this revelation (truth) and started crying, gaining the sympathy of those around her. Someone (I am not sure who) told me that I was cruel to inform her that I had dated PS during her relationship with him. I tried to protest saying that 3 years ago, I had been in a relationship with him, living in this house and he could not have possibly started his relationship with her during that time, so she was deluded. Everyone was leaving to go to a party, and I decided that I would go, try and find PS and sort this mess out. I felt annoyed that everyone was trying to comfort this girl. treating her as if she was the victim of PS's infidelity with me, when in reality, had there been an overlap in our relationships, it would be me - as his earlier girlfriend, who would be the actual victim. A friend (a Scottish rapper) RBA, was present. He said that he would give me a piggy-back to the party, so I leapt onto his back for a ride. I suddenly realised that I had a long braided rope of hair growing from my butt crack. I tried to pull it out in horror, but it kept coming out without an end to it. 

Dream 305
'Womb Operation'
Dream date: 13 November 2014
I was standing at the main bus stop at university with BG, my housemate. It was daytime and pretty sunny. We weren't waiting for a bus, but rather a group of people (I am not sure who this group of people were). Suddenly, a large group of people all dressed in smart business suits started approaching us at the bus stop, but stopped still a few feet away from us. I said to BG that we had better take photographs of them - this was the group of people we were waiting for, although I did not recognise any of them. It transpired that we were waiting to be taken to the hospital for an operation. We both stood in front of the group and started taking photographs of them on camera phones. 

The scene then changed and I am not sure if we were at the hospital, or whether we had already been and then returned. I was standing in a hallway, looking into an open doorway of what appeared to be a university-style dorm bedroom. The environment looked institutional. My neighbour and colleague, AB (trainee doctor in real life) was standing in the doorway, getting changed into pyjamas. He was wearing a surgeon's mask, which he pulled down to his neck. He said to me: 'You've ruined Shan's relationship'. I knew 'Shan' was AWB (a girl I know of from social networking who I have fallen out with indirectly) and therefore I had no sympathetic feelings towards her. AB would not know ABW in real life. He then said that maybe my health problem (I am not sure what was wrong with me and did not feel unwell) might be 'a paggen in my arm caused by smoking'. I got angry with him and told him that it could not be a 'paggen' because I did not smoke enough for this. I walked through to another room, where my mum and another person (a middle-aged male) who I recognised as knowing from real life, but cannot recall, were sitting on chairs. It seemed like this room was a classroom from my primary school. 

BG was now with me and we went into the centre of the room and sat on the carpet. On a plate beside me was a pile of twisted pretzel-looking items, which I picked up to examine. They were dark brown and in a stretched-out horses-shoe shape. I knew that they were wombs which had been removed from women, and I feared that my womb had been removed. These were the 'paggens'. I then saw that there was a transparent plastic tent (half the normal size) on the floor (the carpet was green) and inside were massive blocks of different cheeses - all varieties of cheddar or other medium-hard types. BG started to eat some of the cheese. I reached into the tent and pulled some of the cheeses out to have a closer inspection. I noticed that all of them went out of date in 2007, so I stopped BG from eating them in case she became ill from food poisoning.

We were then about to make a 'chocolate mirror cake', which I had never heard of in real life, but appears to be a chocolate sponge cake coated with a chocolate mirror glaze. The cake in the dream resembled those I found on Google image search when writing up this dream.

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