Monday, 17 November 2014

Dream 310

'Cheryl Cole & Call of Duty'
Dream date: 16 November 2014 (Afternoon Nap)
I was watching a Youtube playlist of a series which had been shown in British TV. This series was a cooking competition in which Cheryl Fernandez-Versisni (formerly Cole) and Nicole Scherzinger (both of whom are present/former X Factor judges) were judging the cooking skills of amateur contestants. In the first episode, Cheryl Cole (as I usually refer to her, being more used to her former married name) was standing behind a young blonde girl. The girl said: 'the cake is made out of blood' and the TV camera filming the show zoomed out to show that the girl was stirring a big mixing bowl filled with blood. Cheryl Cole (wearing a black vest top and white, flower-print trousers) said: 'I'm supposed to do a handstand for an hour, but my doctor advised against it because I'm having a baby and I may harm my unborn child!' The next two videos in the Youtube playlist were 5 seconds long each, and were 'reaction videos' by Nicole Scherzinger and Danni Minogue (another former X Factor judge) - they were both very excited by Cheryl's news of her impending motherhood. The fourth video in the playlist was Cheryl announcing that the blood-cake had won the competition.

I checked my Blog (this Blog!) to see how many page views I had had over the weekend, whilst I had not had internet access. I saw that there had been 9 new page views. I thought that was odd, because I would usually have a few hundred per day, even if I had not updated. I clicked the refresh button and the 9 changed to a 1, which I found even more odd. I refreshed the analytics page again, and the number of page views began switching from 9 to 1, and then settled on 9.

I was then playing a new version of Call of Duty on a new type of console (which does not exist in real life) - there were about 12 different button options on the control pad - including the normal directional-pad, thumb-stick, letter buttons and triggers, but also some slim black buttons which I did not know how to use. The graphics in this Call of Duty game looked old-fashioned, like early 1990s style, and blocky. You could play in an office block (where you had to run through 100 small businessmen, walking in a line, firing at them to kill them) or on board an airplane. I could not work out what the slim black buttons did, or how to aim a grenade, so I used my laptop to look up instructions/cheats for the gameplay. On the official website, it said that there were new features for the game, including 'bend down to smell a rose garden', 'scream out loud', 'fry and egg' and 'swallow a grenade' - these were the actions which were controlled by the slim black buttons, pressed in connection with the trigger buttons. I thought these actions were pretty pointless, but I went back to playing the game. My 'game character' (a soldier) kept bending down to smell a rose garden and I could not make him throw a grenade at the long line of 100 businessmen who kept running past him. When I tried to run through the line of businessmen (he went through the middle of them, running in the same direction), he would scream and swallow grenades, blowing him up and ending the game, so I would have to start the level again. I felt very frustrated.

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