Monday, 17 November 2014

Dream 308

'Academia & Wild Animals'
Dream date: 15 November 2014
I was with my mum and some other (unrecalled) people. My mum and I were looking through a magazine which seemed to be about education and academia. There was a small advert in the central pages of the magazine, which said (words to the effect of): 'AG, AP and SP perform better than 70% of the population. They are the cream of the crop!' I questioned this to my mum, as AP has got a university degree, but AG and SP left school with average qualifications and were not particularly academic or intelligent in my memory. I felt like my own qualifications and intellectual acumen was being undermined, as I went to school (and outperformed) all of these individuals, yet was not named in the advertisement (which was written by a teacher). I flicked to the inside of the front page of the magazine, where there was a small article at the bottom of the page, informing the reader than PS and his sister, TS, were to train as 'pharmaceauticals'. I tried to find the advert about AP, AG and SP again, but I could not see it in the magazine any more, even though I looked at every page. 

I was then standing outside the pub  and corner shop which were at the bottom of one of my childhood homes in Sheringham (where I lived from the age of 12 years until I left to go to university). It was snowy and there was frost on the ground. Tethered to a lampost outside the pub and shop was a giraffe and a tiger. I was on the other side of the road with DL and we began walking, towards part of the town known as Beeston Regis. We passed people walking tigers on leads, like dogs. We stood still for a moment and I said to DL: 'You are in my dream, which means you are dreaming too!' although strangely, I was not lucid at the time. I was saying the words without a conscious awareness that I was actually dreaming. He asked me what he should do. I said: 'You should try to become lucid!' to which he asked 'how?' I replied that he should 'try to stay calm'.

I was then in a sunlit garden, staring at a bungalow-type building which had French windows. My academic supervisor at university, IE, called me in through the French windows (which were the sliding door kind used in conservatories) and told me that he was about to let his dog run out into the garden, but I needed to watch this and make sure the dog was safe. He asked me to hold the lead of the dog, to which I agreed. He opened the French windows/sliding door again and I exited back into the garden. A black shaggy dog then ran out, and joined a line of other dogs, of various breeds, which were sitting in a row across the grass. I thought that IE didn't need me to watch his dog, as it seemed well-behaved and knew what to do without me guiding it. I then saw IE in a dog costume, which was black and shaggy - similar to his dog. He was on one side of a chain link fence (still in the garden) and a female, also wearing a dog costume, was on the other side. They were dancing around and trying to get to one another, but the chain link fence was in the way. I then saw IE - still in the dog costume - running towards a tree in the centre of the garden, on which a target (for shooting/archery) was mounted. There was a circular bench around the base of the tree.

I was then outside PS's home (my former home for several years) in London, lounging on the drive with PS. It looked like PS's house, but also the exterior of my old primary school. We were both reading the same newspaper. PS said that he needed to eat some cornflakes 'to keep up his strength' and disappeared into his house/the primary school to get some.

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