Monday, 3 November 2014

My Dreamboard (1)

A while ago I started to upload and track my dreams on Dreamboard, a website which collates all your dream information and presents patterns and trends visually. I am unable to link directly to my Dreamboard profile, as the app seems to be a private one which can only be viewed by the owner. However, I am able to attach some of the data in posts on my Blog for you to see. The dreams which are included on my Dreamboard are all dreams which are recorded on this Blog, so I will not include the dream narratives as that would be pointless.

I began my Dreamboard in May 2014 and for reasons of ease I decided to begin by monitoring my dreams from the point at which I started giving them titles (12 May 2014). The first dream I entered was Dream 238, 'Working for Google'. I will post the Dreamboard results for every 10 dreams I upload onto the app, so it is possible to observe how the visual displays change over time as new dreams are added.

Dreams 238 - 247 (12 May 2014 - 27 May 2014)

Note that 'Dream types' is blank - this is because the only option are 'recurrent', 'nightmare' and 'lucid' and none of the 10 dreams I had uploaded by this point fit into any of these categories. 

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