Monday, 3 November 2014

Dream 294

'Katie Price's Accident'
Dream date: 1 November 2014
I was in a classroom - not at my actual university or any classroom I recognise from real-life. There were other students present, none of whom I recognise from real-life. By the window was a very muscular young male, who had his shirt off. He had a fake tan and was flexing his muscles. I thought he was a show-off and we had a brief conversation, which I cannot recall. 

I sat back at my desk. I had three notebooks and was studying three separate (but linked) subjects, making notes in each of the notebooks. I was writing in a different coloured ink in each - one pale green, one yellow, and one pink. I did not see what the notes actually said. I was getting the coloured pens from three separate pen pots. I noticed that in the pot holding the pale green pens, all of the pens had transformed into different shades of green nail varnish. I started selecting the best green nail varnishes and taking them out of the pot.

I was then outside in the sunshine. There was a trail of blood on the concrete, leading to an ambulance. I knew that Katie Price aka Jordan had suffered some sort of accident. She had also just given birth to her sixth child. The ambulance drove away, presumably with Katie Price in the back of it.

I was then in a vehicle, being driven (with other passengers who I did not see, but was in conversation with) through a very busy city in blazing hot sun. The traffic was not obeying the normal rules of the road, and all the vehicles were swerving and crashing into one another. I felt alarmed and thought that we might end up in a car crash. The road was literally crowded with cars, vans, lorries and buses, all driving erratically and dangerously. I saw a gap open up in the traffic between some of the vehicles, but it was only a couple of inches wide. Somehow the person driving our vehicle was able to slip through the gap and into safety. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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