Monday, 3 November 2014

Dream 293

'Living with Jay-Z'
Dream date: 1 November 2014 (afternoon nap)
I woke up in bed at DL's flat. I am not sure if this classifies as a false awakening, as I did  not realise that I was in a dream or that I wasn't really awake. The bed was horizontal and opposite to the door of the bathroom (it is usually vertical and opposite). There was a royal-blue Dachshund ('sausage dog') in the bed with me. This was my pet. I went back to sleep. I woke up again, this time finding myself sitting in the bed, with my laptop. I was trying to close some tabs (internet tabs) but I couldn't because they kept shrinking and moving around the screen, so I was unable to click on them. I fell asleep again. I woke up, hearing DL say (from another room): 'Tallulah [he used my real first name] is asleep in there, don't wake her up'. I noticed that now the bed was back in it's real-life position, with the foot of the bed near the entrance to the bathroom, the door of which was open. The blue Dachshund was next to the bed, lying near to the pillows. 

Jay-Z (this was whom DL was speaking to) entered the bedroom and stopped in the open doorway of the bathroom. He was carrying Blue Ivy, who was a small baby instead of her actual age (toddler). Blue Ivy was wearing a royal-blue party dress, the same shade as my dog. I realised that Jay-Z had separated from Beyonce, had custody of Blue Ivy and was now living with DL. Jay-Z put Blue Ivy on the bathroom floor and began to change her nappy/diaper. He was talking softly to her while he did so. I thought to myself that I could sell a story to the media about how boring Jay-Z was to know, but decided not to, because it would be a betrayal.

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