Monday, 3 November 2014

Dream 295

'John Wilkinson's Party'
Dream date: 2 November 2014
I was at my nan's house in Sheringham. CD2 was there, sitting in the armchair in the corner of the living-room, between the door and the window. She was slumped down. I realised that there was some sort of party being planned for CD2's boyfriend, who was (in my mind) a composite between SH (her actual boyfriend) and NH (a friend of mine from my teenage years). SH/NH have a similar-sounding last name which may explain why this dream character was a composite. However, in the dream, SH/NH was called 'John Wilkinson'.

This dream seemed to continue for a long time, but I am not sure exactly what happened, as it all seemed to take place in the living-room and I have forgotten some of the details. Other guests were expected to attend the party. I was looking at a range of pink cakes which my mum had baked for the party. They were flat and triangular in shape. I thought she had done them wrong. The anticipation for John Wilkinson's arrival seemed to be building. I felt alienated and isolated from what was going on around me. There was some conversation between CD2, myself and my mum, who was now in the room, sitting on the armrest of CD2's chair. I noticed that on the table was an envelope with my nan's handwriting on it. It was addressed to me, and underneath my name was written 'John Wilkinson International Cancer'. It seemed to me that John Wilkinson was a very important person. I was still in a really bad mood, which would not change. I had some thoughts about John Wilkinson, which I cannot pin down. It was if I were remembering some memories, but they weren't my actual real-life memories, just ones created in the dream. 

At some point I looked in the mirror and noticed that my hair was cut into layers (instead of being practically all one length) and the top part was grey, while the main body of my hair had bright pink streaks. I washed my hair and the grey went away, but I was shocked to find that the pink streaks were still there, as I had assumed they would wash out. I looked into my mouth and saw my teeth up close. They looked perfectly square, but had gaps between them, through which blood was running, and pooling inside my inner lip. I felt annoyed about the pink in my hair and the bleeding teeth. When looking in the mirror, I am sure that other than my hair and teeth I looked the same as I do in real-life.

I then went over to my mum, who was talking to CD2. I was angry at her and starting swearing and slapping her on the leg. It turned into a big fight and I was making allegations at my mum, which I cannot recall. I looked up and saw John Wilkinson staring through the living-room window at us.

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