Saturday, 8 November 2014

Dream 298

'Making Bags'
Dream date: 6 November 2014
I was with my mum, sitting on the floor in a large spacious area, which might have been in a well-lit room or outside - I could not really see beyond our immediate vicinity. We were using transfer images (the kind which are on a piece of paper and can be ironed onto material) of a postcard-type landscape photograph to decorate white linen shopping bags, which were scattered around us. We started having a screaming argument, but I cannot recall what it was about. My mum's face looked very pink/red with anger.

We were then in a park - it was full of greenery and people enjoying the sunshine. My cousin, JC1 was there, as was his father (my maternal uncle). However, my uncle was actually the father of two boys, ET1 and ET2 (who are older, but have a similar age difference to my own male cousins, JC1 and JC2). I do not know ET1 and ET2's father at all - other than knowing he lives in my home town and having seen him in passing many many years ago when I was at school with his sons. I know my mum knows this man, but he is not in her circle of friends. I have had no reason to ever think about him, and would not even know his first name or what he looks like, although he must be a similar age to my mum and my uncle. My cousin, JC1 - who was as he is in real-life - was standing over a girl sat on a park bench, leaning forward, his legs open around hers, hands resting on the back of the bench. His father - Mr ET - was watching him proudly, while my mum and I sat on a nearby bench watching the scene, in conversation with one another. I cannot recall anything else about this dream.

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