Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dream 317

'Consciousness Scissors, Memory Loss & Coercion'
Someone (an older female dream character, I cannot recall who) was demonstrating a movement with her arms, which looked like she was holding them out at right-angles at her sides and then swinging them forwards and back, alternatively (so right arm to front, left arm behind, then swapped). This was called 'consciousness scissors'. I felt a bit confused, but then, as I ran a bath (in my Norwich home) I realised that the 'consciousness scissors' was a movement designed by Jennifer Aniston. I was then in my old bedroom, in Pine Grove, Sheringham, looking through my wardrobe. I was trying to find drawings/paintings I had made when I was younger, to show someone (I think it was DL). BBM was seated at a desk in the corner of my room, but it looked more like he was floating on a cloud, godlike, but smaller than a normal adult male. I noticed that in between my paintings was a note written by BMM, which was about two sentences long and in very poor handwriting. It said: 'Thank for for coming to see me...' and then something else I cannot recall. He had signed it underneath. The paintings I had found were all on A4 lined paper and very brightly coloured - usually involving a female face in rainbow colours with a swirly abstract background. They weren't very good, but were quite eye-catching. I was thinking about the 'consciousness scissors' and Jennifer Aniston at this time.

I then found myself in Castle Mall, Norwich. I was with someone - I think it was my nan - standing on the upper floor, by the escalators. There was a glass partition in the middle of the floor. I then saw about 10 massive dogs - all looking exactly like lions (I knew they were dogs, but they would appear to be lions to anyone else) walking in a line. One of the lion-dogs broke away from the pack and started to approach the glass partition, as if it were about to attack. It was growling and barring it's teeth. I ran quickly into a shop, which was actually empty, with no furniture/fittings or stock displayed. I could see the lion-dogs passing by the window. I then was in my bed in Norwich, with three Dalmation dogs (my pets in the dream) snuggled up with me. I thought to myself: 'I wish I just had Staffordshire Bull Terriers' (my favourite breed of dog, and suddenly, the three Dalmations became two Stafffies, which made me happy.

I was then in another room somewhere - it might have been a cafe. ED1 was there, holding a baby. I realised that he had been in a very short relationship with a girl at university and this was his child with her. I had a short conversation with him (I cannot recall what it was about at the start) and he ended up telling me that he regretted becoming a father so young and while he was still in education. He was the main carer for the baby, which made his studies difficult. I then became aware that myself and a number of other people (girls from my high school, including RBR, although I cannot recall exactly who, only that I knew them all) had all undergone a form of memory loss. It had been intentionally inflicted on us by someone. We went out into a dark forest and started to wash a white car together, all aware that we had lost our memories. Two boys from our high school, MR and LM came by and we stopped washing the car to talk to them, standing in a little clearing in the woods. We tried to tell the boys we had lost our memory, but we had forgotten how to speak properly. We were then in a shop, looking at stationary. I could see some lever arch files on a shelf, but when I tried to talk about them to the boys, I could not remember the word 'file'. 

Next, I was in an outside setting - on a big flat piece of concrete which was raised above another level (of grass) which was several feet above ground level. It was daylight and temperate, but not sunny. On the piece of concrete with me was PS, wearing a white T-shirt with pink writing on it. We were both laying on our sides. PS said to me: 'I wasn't shy'. We looked over at the next level down and could see a woman laying on the grass, surrounded by other people. I said: 'Look it's Megan Fox!' but as the woman turned over (she had been facing away from us) I saw it was actually Eastenders actress Samantha Womack, who plays 'Ronnie Mitchell'. PS, Samantha Womack and I were then walking through a crowded corridor in my old high school. Samantha Womack looked like Leticia Dean, who plays 'Sharon Watts/Mitchell' in Eastenders. I had a card with me. On it was some typed writing, but I found it very difficult to understand what it said. It was some form of instructions for a game, but written in such a convoluted and complex way that it barely made sense. The most sense I could make from it was that we were involved in a game where we could use coercion and force against Samantha/Leticia. I said to Samantha/Leticia 'We are going to coerce you!' and then PS and I started to push and shove her into the walls of the corridor, although this upset her. I felt myself waking up, and could not maintain the dream. I was wide awake when I woke up (which is unusual for me) and could not get back to sleep. 

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