Thursday, 20 November 2014

Dream 311

'Self Defence'
The first part of my dream was very hazy and hard to recall. I was in somewhere that looked like the stereotypical 'heaven' scene - everything was blue, with white fluffy clouds. Middle-aged women, carrying signs against their chests kept floating up to me, and using information as to their level of intoxication/alcohol addiction which was written on these signs I had to judge them in some way. I am not sure how. One woman - wearing a business suit and sporting a frizzy blonde hairstyle (she looked like she came from the 1980s), floated up to me. I looked at her sign and noted that she was an alcoholic, so I judged her as 'OK' for whatever it was I was judging (I cannot recall).

I was then (in a disconnected way) responsible for judging something else - I had no sense of self and felt removed from the action, like a passive observer watching something happening on screen and then discussing or thinking about it, thus distanced from what is being observed. The was this really obese, shapeless entity which was part of the competition, which may have involved cooking or food. The rules were that the contestants had to involve their postcode in some way, and create 'links' to websites in their creation. The obese thing had created something and I went onto Youtube to check whether they had followed the rules and created links to a website, and in the comments section, the obese thing had written: 'fuck' 37 times, so I deemed them the winner.

I was then working in my old law firm. The law firm looked different and the staff were all dream characters rather than the actual people who used to work there, except for my former boss, IF who was telling me that he was glad I had returned to work for him after our real-life conflict, and MF, the lawyer I worked for directly. I felt happy to be working there again and I was surprised that I remembered exactly how to do my job. The only thing I was confused about was how to print labels to put on the front of new client files, so I was waiting until I had these to do before I discovered whether I still knew how to do it. I was opening a new client file for a suspect who was at the police investigation stages. My boss, MF, had represented him during his police interview, but had forgotten to include any of the suspect's personal information, so I was having trouble knowing who the client was for the purpose of opening a new file. 

The scene changed and it was then night-time. I was with my nan, sitting in a bus shelter and it was raining. A tall, handsome mixed-race male (young adult) approached us, and engaged us in conversation. I cannot remember what the early part of the conversation was about, but halfway through my nan (looking inside her handbag) asked if I had a hairbrush. I said I did not (I never carry a hairbrush with me), and the young man said he had a comb. I wondered why he had a comb, because his hair was far too short to need to be combed (shaved down). He and I took a walk around the area, which was a large car park, with the bus shelter on one side (I think there was a shopping centre in the direct vicinity). He showed me some ID and I was able to see his full name and the town he lived in (which I do not think was a real-life place, and I cannot recall, except that it sounded very English and began with 'S'). He also told me: 'Your eyes look like Hannibal Lecter's' which I found quite creepy and wondered what he meant by that. Suddenly, he and I were walking down a brightly lit corridor, which looked institutional, like a school or hopital. We were approached by a very short girl (about 4 foot some inches, or shoulder height to me) who was wearing a red top and had short dark hair in bunches. She looked approximately between the ages of 18 - 24 years. She started to attack me in some way. I reacted with a surge of adrenaline, and began to defend myself against her. She continued with the attack, and all I could do was to put my hands around her neck and strangle her. I choked the air from her body and she collapsed to the ground. I thought about it for a second and then decided to stomp on her face a couple of times. I left her for dead. I then worried about the fact that I may have killed her. I went to work in my law firm (which specialises in Criminal Defence) and approached a legal secretary which was seated at a desk some distance away from my own, which was next to the printer and against a wall. I whispered in her ear (bending down so no-one else could hear me): 'I acted in self defence, but went too far...' The legal secretary told me to sit down and not say anything or worry about it. I was instructed by my boss, IF, to look at the new material brought in by MF, which contained all the other information about the new client, the police suspect, meaning that now I could open the client file properly. The new information revealed that the young mixed-race male had been working alongside my attacker/victim, in some form of crime scam, where the male approached females and lured them into a situation where the small female could attack them. They were wanted for a number of similar crimes to the one I had been led to, and defended myself against. I then felt much less guilty for my violent actions, as clearly the couple were trying to take advantage of me in some way. I wondered if the small female attacker/victim had in fact died.

I was then in the pub my mum used to run in Sheringham. I was behind the bar, serving drinks. From the big window, opposite the bar, I could see that it was daytime. My cousin, HM, was at the bar, buying a round of drinks for herself and two other young females. My cousin seemed much younger - in her late teens. I glanced over at the girls - one was her cousin, HYC, and the other was a small girl with her short dark hair in two bunches. The were sitting on the rectangular table which used to be under the blackboard with the specials written on it. She was wearing a red vest top. I felt slightly panicked, wondering if this was my attacker/victim, as from my memory (the attack had happened so quickly that I didn't get a good look at her) she appeared to look very similar. I asked my cousin who this dark-haired girl sitting with HYC was. HM said: 'It's my friend from Youtube' - I then realised it wasn't the same girl, it was just a coincidence that they were both small and had the same style. 

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