Monday, 3 November 2014

Dream 291

'Kidnapping and Drugs'
Dream date: 31 October 2014 (afternoon nap)
This was my most successful lucid dream to date because I managed to control the actions of my dream characters and also stabilise the dream really well, using standard techniques. I also entered the dream in a lucid state rather than becoming lucid during a normal dream, which is my usual experience. I wish I hadn't wasted this lucid dream doing stupid things which weren't as enjoyable or exciting as they could have been, but I see this as a good practice dream for next time I experience lucidity. 

I was in a normal dream, which I can hardly recall, other than the fact that I was in a big car park at night and I was standing in front of a big, square white building which did not have any windows or doors that I could see. I woke up. This was a false awakening, although I did not realise it at the time - my bedroom looked the same as it had when I went to sleep, except it was completely dark with no light and my laptop screen was not on - which it had been when I fell asleep. I later discovered this was a false awakening, as during this stage of the dream process, I looked at my mobile phone (on which an alarm was set for 5:00 pm as I needed to wake from my nap to get ready to go out in real-life). My alarm said 9:00 pm (which I accepted, but wondered why my alarm had not gone off). I fell back asleep. 

I am not sure if I had another normal dream during this period of sleep. I woke up again. This time I was really awake. I looked at my mobile phone and discovered it was 4:00 pm. It wasn't very dark - it was normal light outside for this time of the day. My laptop screen was on as expected. I decided that I should try and enter another dream for the final hour of my sleep (using my natural waking as a spontaneous Wake-Back-To-Bed method). As I drifted back to sleep, I thought about the dark car park and the big square white building, visualising them and telling myself that I would revisit this dream. I entered a dream state, lucid. I instantly knew I was in a dream. I was in the car park, standing at the corner of the white building. It was still night. I discovered that I was naked, with just a duvet wrapped around me. I found this annoying as it hindered my movement, so I told myself that I should get dressed properly - and discovered that I was wearing the black strapless sundress that I was wearing in real-life at this time. I walked around the building and saw a bench at the edge of the empty car park. There was a family of four adults and a small, dark-haired female child (aged approximately 2 - 3 years) being carried by a brunette female. I did not know or recognise any of the dream characters - they were all strangers to me. The adults were bending over the bench, packing some clothing into holdall bags (white and blue) I walked over to them and decided to be antagonise them in some way to see if I could start an argument. I said: 'You've kidnapped my daughter!' to the adults. The female adult carrying the child said: 'no, it's my daughter!' I stood my ground and said; 'No, I'm her mummy!' The child looked at me and then reached out her arms, crying and screaming: 'Mummy! Mummy!' I felt really pleased that I was able to convince the child that I was her real mother. I shouted: 'Kidnap!' A male adult, a middle-aged man with grey hair, wearing a navy blue jumper and brown trousers (the husband of the brunette woman carrying the child) said: 'We're sorry, we;re sorry, we're sorry!' He looked very anxious and scared - as if he was really being accused of kidnapping a child. I said: 'I want my daughter back!' to which he responded 'Yes, you can take her back!' The child was still reaching and calling out for me. The grey-haired male said: 'I will leave this lot and come with you and the child'. To further play with this family and antagonise them, I said: 'You better divorce your wife then!' He was nodding very fast. I walked away from the family, with the grey-haired male (I'll call him 'Dream Husband' for ease) following me. I left the child with the brunette 'Dream Wife' character and the other two adult dream characters. I went to the other side of the car park. I said to the Dream Husband: 'Give me some drugs' and he agreed that he would do whatever I wanted. I asked him to put a line of cocaine on the back of my hand. I do not use cocaine or any other Class A drugs, because I am worried about addiction, can't afford them and don't want to ruin my health - however, in my lucid state I realised that I could safely experiment with any substance I wanted to and wondered if I would experience a realistic altered state. The Dream Husband placed a bump of cocaine on the back of my outstretched hand. I sniffed it up, without the use of a banknote or other implement used to take drugs in this way. I felt a momentary buzzing sensation which was pleasant and intense. It quickly faded and I realised I did not much like the sensation of taking cocaine. I do know (from real-life) that I like smoking cannabis, so I asked him to roll me a spliff. He used his mouth (no hands) to roll me a blunt, using a cigar skin or blunt wrap. He took it from his mouth and passed it to me, already lit. I started smoking the blunt and felt the effects. I said: 'So you do whatever I tell you?' to which he agreed. I said I wanted to leave the car park and he would have to drive me. I asked him to get the holdalls which his family had been packing and my daughter. He asked if we could leave the child behind. I said: 'No, I want her now. You aren't my husband or boyfriend, you're just a servant'. He agreed that he would go and get the child (who was still across the other side of the car park with the rest of the family). I then told the Dream Husband that he looked like James Franco and he transformed halfway to looking like James Franco, but still middle-aged and much larger in height and weight. I then realised I was going to wake up. The Dream Husband/James Franco was blurring and distorting in front of my eyes as if my vision was going hazy. I tried to stabilise the dream, remain asleep and maintain my lucidity by shaking my hands very frantically. I felt some kind of air resistance as I shook my hands - it felt as if I was moving them in jelly. Gradually, my vision improved and the Dream Husband came back into clear view in front of me. I said: 'Take me to DL then' and the Dream Husband ran off to get my child, the bags and bring his car over to where I was standing. I waited for a moment, but then woke up.

This was a false awakening. I know this, because again, my room was pitch black and when I looked at my mobile phone to check the time it was 8:00 pm. I drifted back to sleep, but cannot recall any further dreams. I woke up properly at 5:00 pm when my alarm clock went off as planned.

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