Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dream 480

'Christmas Gang Fight'
Dream date: 19 August 2015

Scene 1: PS's House, Edgware, London - Day
The entire dream took place in PS's (ex-boyfriend) house in London, but the house did not appear as it does in real-life. Instead, it was bigger and looked more 'middle-class'. It was Christmas time, even though I could see from the glass patio doors in the living-room that it was sunny outside. There was no evidence of it being Christmas, this was just inner-awareness within the dream. The whole location seemed to be yellow - as if the light was coloured both inside and outside of the house. 

In the house was a girl, who was unknown to me in the dream and in real-life. She was a young adult and quite nondescript, other than she had severe acne on her face. I was aware that she was either a lawyer or a law student. I wondered why she was in the house with us. 

Suddenly, there was a gang attack on the house - the 'gang' was made up of a number of dream characters who were part of the local community - of all ages and social backgrounds, both genders. I am not sure why they attacked the house, trying to get in and enact violence against us. We were trying to hold them back to prevent them entering. It was like a riot outside. The female with acne helped us by reasoning with the gang - it transpired at this point that one of the middle-aged female dream characters leading the attack was her mum. This mother was a white, working-class woman with a Northern accent (which is a basic description of PS's actual mum, but the dream character did not look like her and was unrelated to PS and I in the dream). I felt relieved and grateful to the girl with acne. 

The dream character mother told the daughter with acne to give me a present - this was a number of vouchers (knock-off, fraudulent) which valued at £700 worth. I was pleased to receive them, but when I looked closely at them, they were receipts and travel tickets which I had to 'submit as expenses' to receive the value of them. This confused me as I did not know how to claim these expenses. 

PS's actual mum was then in the dream and she was angry with PS and I because we had left a huge quantity of food defrosting in the kitchen and we had not yet prepared any food, meaning the defrosting items might spoil and go to waste.

I was also aware that we had a litter of new puppies, which excited and pleased me - although I felt bad that N the Dog might feel left out. I thought: 'N the Dog will always be my favourite!' and I hugged him to show him how much I love him. 

Some of the gang members/local community were then in the house, planning to celebrate Christmas with us. The atmosphere was now friendly and calm. 

I went outside the house and found there was a athletics track in the car park. It was sandy/dusty. I started running and performing jumping jacks. 

TIME: 03:30 - 10:00 hours (I am not sure when this dream took place)

* This is a basic dream report as I have a substantial backlog of unrecorded dreams to upload in a short space of time, prohibiting a full analysis.

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